LumApps Design Experience

Designing your intranet has never been easier!

You want to have a beautiful design, but at what cost? Do you have the time? resources? coding skills?

LumApps allows you to unleash your creativity, while keeping the process simple and intuitive.

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Unleash Your Creativity

Endless possibilities to fit your needs and corporate identity.

  • Label and icon: typeface, font size, color
  • Borders: size, color, radius
  • Spacing: margin and padding
  • Backgrounds: color, image, shadow
  • Display mode including hover mode

Beautiful Design for Everyone

Intuitive visual guidance – no technical skills required.

  • WYSIWYG: preview your updates in real time
  • Drag and drop: quickly experience different layouts
  • Predefined parameters: configure your design in a few clicks

LumApps Design Experience

Cutting-Edge Design Experience

New styling options offer you a cutting-edge design experience to customize your intranet.

Rich Styling Options

LumApps offers a wide range of styling options that can be easily configured without any coding.

Fast and Simple Layout

Simply create a grid by adding rows and cells, then drag and drop widgets anywhere on the page to change the layout.

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Reusable Templates

Easily build reusable templates for any content type so you can create beautifully formatted content in just a few clicks.

Carrousel LumApps Design Experience

Building an Award-Winning Intranet – Design Matters!

Many people think that an intranet’s only purpose as a platform is to provide great content and access to useful applications. In fact, there are three primary components to consider when building your intranet – software solution, content, and design.

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