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Read our inspiring customer stories and case studies, from thriving companies who made the jump to LumApps! Thanks to their new intranet, our satisfied clients report better productivity, communication, employee engagement and unforeseen benefits.

Galeries Lafayette

The Galeries Lafayette Group Connects All Employees Inside a New Single Intranet

For its internal digital transformation the Galeries Lafayette group called upon LumApps to launch a new intranet that would be accessible to all team members, especially employees in the field, in stores and in warehouses, who are not equipped with work computers.

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Imerys Launches Their First Global Intranet

Imerys launched their first global digital workplace in 2018.

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Red Energy

Red Energy Engages Employees with a New Social Platform

Red Energy launched a new intranet to unite three different brands inside the Snowy Hydro group.
“Campfire” is truly changing the way people work and building a better workplace, by bringing employees together in a social environment and providing consistent communications across all three businesses.

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Air Liquide Logo

Air Liquide Brasil Unites South American Entities

Air Liquide Brasil has created their independent intranet for the South America cluster, administered separately from Air Liquide Group’s corporate hub. AL Brasil unites all other SAM entities inside their “Portal” while providing tailored content and tools to answer local needs.

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Genes Diffusion logo

Gènes Diffusion Leads Employees in its Digital Transformation

Thanks to its new LumApps intranet launched in 2017, many of Gènes Diffusion’s employees who work remotely are progressively adopting the new tools. They are now better informed, gaining autonomy and have started contributing to corporate communication.

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Mérieux NutriSciences logo

Mérieux NutriSciences Reinforces Brand Identity for All Employees

To support the growth of the company, Mérieux NutriSciences’ internal communication team needed a new system to link all employees worldwide, whether they work in a lab or in an office.

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Tibco logo

TIBCO Creates a Corporate Culture and Engages Employees

Software company TIBCO needed to connect its collaborators across international locations and sought to increase engagement through improved internal communication. After adopting a Google environment, TIBCO then chose LumApps to provide a central platform integrated with G Suite.

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Etam group logo

The ETAM Group: How 1000 Stores Became One

With digitized retail outlets and the adoption of a stunning intranet platform from LumApps, the ETAM group transcends physical limits to unite its 1000+ European locations in one digital space.

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Centre France logo

How Centre France Transformed Collaboration Practices and Internal Communication

As part of its digital transformation, the Centre France group called upon LumApps to unify all its press titles and connect its 1,600 employees. The press group relies on an internal team dedicated to innovation and collaboration issues: The Centre France Lab.

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TMX group logo

TMX Group: Frees Internal Comms & Corporate Content

Having just migrated to Google, this Canadian multinational needed an intranet that naturally integrated with G Suite, capable of leveraging Google’s tools and promoting Google adoption throughout the company.

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