Schnuck Markets:
Centralizing Internal Communication and Engaging All Employees

Schnucks Covid Tablet with LumApps

About Schnuck Markets

Schnuck Markets, Inc. (Schnucks) is one of the largest privately held supermarket chains in the United States, with 113 store locations across 5 states in the Midwest, employing more than over 14,000 employees that they call ‘‘teammates.’’

Schnucks - LumApps Customer

+10 000 employees

Internal Communications


The Challenge

Before using LumApps, Schnucks relied primarily on email to inform and communicate with all their teammates. They did not have a central source of truth for information and knowledge-sharing. Content and communications on branding, expansion, and even detailed sales and incentive initiatives could get lost between email, calendar, documents, and other apps in their productivity suite. Teammates on the frontlines, in stores or on the go for delivery, did not receive emails like teammates in the office or HQ.

They wanted a way to connect all teammates regardless of where they were located, to ensure they receive the latest important information and are equipped with the resources they need.


Why LumApps?

Schnucks turned to LumApps and Agosto, a trusted LumApps partner, to help drive the transformation. Schnucks turned to LumApps intranet solution for its native integration with G Suite, customizable design and the ability for department heads and store managers to autonomously distribute information to their teammates.

Schnucks Connection is our single source of truth – so our lines of communication are clean and our teammates are confident they are getting the resources and tools they need for their safety and well-being.

Sarah Watson, Digital Communications Lead, Schnuck Markets Inc.


Schnucks went live with LumApps in 2019, naming their intranet platform, ‘‘Schnucks Connection.’’ The platform serves as a convenient, comprehensive one-stop-shop and the go-to resource for all 14,000+ teammates across 113 locations. As the centralized information hub, it is an invaluable and powerful streamlined communication tool for the entire organization.

schnucks customer story

  • Easy to use platform
    Teammates can login once, to a single platform and find everything they need. Department heads and store managers can autonomously distribute information to their teammates.
  • Customizable design
    The platform reflects Schnucks’ brand identity so that all employees can feel like they belong to the same team.
  • Email reduction
    Drastic simplification leading to reduced email flow, by centralizing all information in one place.
  • Fast communication
    Quick updates for urgent announcements to reach all teammates in the store or on the go, via their mobile phone and notifications.
  • Better engagement
    Teammates are more engaged in stores and with their peers. They share best practices, success stories and encouraging tips. They can also like, comment, and interact with content.

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