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Intelligence Partner is a consulting Company leader in Cloud Computing Solutions, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo, London, and Dubai. Google Cloud Premier Partner, we are specialized in Digital Transformation solutions and services for third party as well as own developed solutions. We also provide other services such as Change Management, Cloud infrastructure modernization, Advanced analytics, Cloud application development, Location Strategy, Migration, Administration, Training and Technical Support among others. In December 2020, Intelligence Partner joined SoftwareONE, Microsoft’s leading global reseller, positioning this way as the first multi-cloud consulting company in the world.

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Partnering with LumApps

LumApps is a key part of our portfolio as the best solution to be able to cover corporate and intranet solutions for our clients on the cloud. We’ve been working with LumApps very closely since almost the beginning, being a key player for its adoption into the Spanish market. With several deployments of LumApps and a well-prepared team of Presales and IT professionals, Intelligence Partner – A SoftwareONE Company, combines the best experience and team to offer a complete successful solution of LumApps for any company.

LumApps Certifications

Project Management Level 2.


Digital Transformation, Change Management, Cloud Infrastructure Modernization, Data Management, Application Development, Location Strategy, Migration, Administration, Training, and Technical Support services among others.

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  • 80+ employees
  • Countries
    Spain, Brazil, UK, United Arab Emirates
  • Languages
    Spanish, English, Portuguese, Arabic
  • Industry
    Science and Technology
  • Tools and integrations
    Some examples of integrations done by Intelligence Partner for LumApps are: Green House -an integration to show job offers-, Employee Birthday calendar, eLearning Portal, Catering workflows, Payslip integrations, among others