Header Enhanced Knowledge Sharing
Header Enhanced Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing increases productivity for all

As the amount of information in the workplace continues to increase, managing your knowledge is critical. LumApps helps to promote knowledge sharing, and reduces unpersonalized and subcritical information, ensuring the right information reaches the right people at the right time. 


Targeted and profiled resources

By integrating seamlessly with your company’s data and information sources, LumApps provides a complete solution for knowledge management.

Targeted profile resources
Business Challenges

Address the hybrid future of work

  • Connect all employees to the company, including those on the front line through mobile applications
  • Engage all employees, regardless of their role or location
  • Empower employees to share knowledge across the enterprise
  • Fuel a positive, inclusive, and cohesive culture 
  • Foster team collaboration and individual initiatives 
Hybrid future of work illustration
Happy Employees at work
Happy Employees at work
Solution and Benefits

Provide Comms and HR professionals with the tools to enhance knowledge sharing at your company

When employees have easy access to relevant and correct information, and can easily share what they’ve learned, they can get their job done faster and better, leading to improved productivity

Increase team cohesion through sharing videos, ensuring that knowledge is captured and shared instantaneously so all team members are on the same page, keeping them aligned and moving in the right direction

Grow your culture, and create a culture built around open sharing so teams can grow together and align with company values

AI-based recommendations maximize content awareness, and employee alignment 

Multilingual communications with 30+ languages available include all employees across the organization

Relevant and recommended search results, across news, documents, videos, and communities, fosters knowledge discovery, and key information retrieval in a click

Detailed analytics on content supports informed decisions when adjusting content and collaboration strategy over time

Branded mobile applications connect all employees across your distributed workforce


Increase knowledge sharing with compelling use cases activated in a few clicks

Cross-team collaboration and resources

  • Communities of Practice
  • Communities of Interest
  • Location and Facilities Directory
  • Employee Directory

Corporate and culture-building information

  • News and Video Centers 
  • Leadership Corner 
  • Newsletter and Campaigns
  • Department Hubs
Analyst Recognition

LumApps named a Leader in Intranets

You've found your new intranet home! LumApps is named a Leader in intranet solutions by both Forrester and Gartner Magic Quadrant. We integrate with Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams so your employees have a seamless intranet experience that feels like home.

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