If you’re always seeking further innovation for your new and existing customers, LumApps solutions could be the answer to strengthen your business.

LumApps has developed strong partnerships with top Google Cloud Partners, who capitalize on the opportunity to create revenue and enhance their advisor status by bringing more innovation.

By adding LumApps to your offer, you can convert more sales by quickly deploying solutions: many of Google’s G Suite customers increase their number of seats with LumApps project, because it is an opportunity for them to connect everyone in the company.


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Feedback from our partners

 “While helping delivering business transformation to key customers, LumApps is a quintessential service to bridge people and services in a single pane of glass.

Kollab is proud to have partnered with LumApps and we’re super excited to enable more organizations to operate better together.”

Herald Uy, Kollab CEO


“As a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on bringing transformation value to our customers, we’re always looking for value-added services and solutions to advance their cloud journey. LumApps is one of the key services we offer our customers to help bridge the gaps between their teams and drive adoption of Google Cloud applications.
SADA is thrilled to be a LumApps partner as it reinforces our exceptional cloud advisory services to our growing customer base while driving additional revenue streams.”

Nicky Parseghian, Google Cloud Practice Director at SADA Systems