Cabify Adapting to Change through Accelerated Digital Transformation

About Cabify

Cabify, part of the Maxi Mobility holding company, connects private and business users with the forms of transport that best suit their needs. With the aim of making cities better places to live, they’ve created a sustainable business model guided by ethical principles to help them act responsibly. More than simply ‘mobility as a service’ (MaaS), they seek to offer a future full of new possibilities for the 85+ cities in which they operate, respecting both the environment and the people that live there.

< 3 000 employees

Internal Communications


Cabify’s Digital Journey

Cabify was born in 2011 in Madrid, mainly to answer the question: Is the private car the best way to move around the city? But they quickly understood that it was not, and that’s where it all began.

For the past ten years, Cabify has been growing very rapidly and this acceleration has created quite a few demands. It has been a challenge when it comes to operational developments and also on the communication side.

Cabify is a team of about 1000 people in more than 85 cities. This required a new solution that would help Cabify unify corporate and business information while giving visibility to global and local teams in a single centralized communication platform.

This is when they’ve discovered LumApps as the best solution that fits their business needs. With the help of Intelligence Partner, who has been a reliable partner for both LumApps and Cabify throughout the decision making and implementation processes, the new employee experience platform ‘Explora’ was born.

Explore ‘Explora’

Internally, Cabify came from a completely decentralized model and needed a solution that would bring together all the disconnected points.

Cabify knew they had to preserve one key premise throughout the work process, and that was to create and design a platform of value for all employees and for the company.

The name of the new intranet ‘Explora’ was chosen by all of the employees through a global survey. This preliminary analysis allowed both the internal project team and Intelligence Partner to structure the platform’s sitemap based on the actual needs of the users and collaborators. This allowed them to offer each group of employees personalized content, which as a result generates a positive impact on employees productivity and greater business value.


The platform is managed by the global Internal Communication and IT teams. At a local level, representatives from the ‘People’ teams are in charge of updating and maintaining the platform.


Today ‘Explora’ has a network of more than 40 contributors. The more contributors are collaborating, the more employees want to participate in the company’s conversation and this generates a lot of value and amplifies the sense of employees’ engagement.

Key Use Cases

News Portal

The space, within the intranet, encompasses everything related to internal communication. It helps strengthen ties with remote workers, improves the productivity of staff and favours a positive mood among all our employees.

Internal job offers

Cabify has integration for internal job offers with the HR platform Greenhouse. When a job offer is created in Greenhouse, a post is automatically generated in Explora! Two-way integration facilitates the application process from both entry points.

HR Portal

Different pages and spaces respond to employees’ needs on a day-to-day basis, such as the Onboarding section for new employees, training and talent development pages, internal vacancies that arise within the company, a labour area, a dedicated space to employee benefits, and more.


The most participative and bidirectional part, which is divided into different spaces by teams, projects, etc. where all employees can contribute and participate in company initiatives.

Business Applications

A decisive factor was the accessibility to Google Workspace tools, which are used at a corporate level for all business operations. Thanks to the native integration of the collaborative suite with LumApps, employees can share information and collaborate easily directly from their intranet.

‘Campus’: a learning community

Campus is an initiative within Cabify where everyone can learn and develop skills through online courses, events and group participation. Focused on personal improvement, the sessions are provided by a Cabify employee leveraging internal talent and knowledge.

For Cabify the launch of ‘Explora’, was an exciting exercise globally and locally. Going further, they envision a two-way platform – social and participative. A platform that really brings value to both employees and the company.

Inteligence Partner x LumApps