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Built for Google's G Suite

enterprise intranet and corporate portal

#1 Google Intranet social enterprise portal

LumApps develops a turnkey solution: an enterprise portal that brings all corporate information, social feeds, workspaces, G Suite and business applications in one place.

Top G Suite customers

30% of Top 100 French Google’s G Suite customers

In 2016, more than a third of the biggest French G Suite customers have chosen LumApps to build their new intranet platform, turning us into a leader on the enterprise portal market.

employees at LumApps

101 people working at LumApps

More than 100 people work passionately at LumApps. Our core team is made of talented developers, Google Cloud Platform experts and UX designers.

international growth and development

+150% ARR growth and an international development

We’re a European company founded in France, with offices in Paris, Lyon, London, New York and San Francisco, plus team members in Austin & Tokyo. Our founders have years of experience in cloud solutions, especially within the Google environment. Our mission is to bring more services to companies using Google’s G Suite.

"LumApps is a truly innovative intranet designed by talented people with strong beliefs. Our vision is to develop a social, mobile and smart communication portal to improve collaboration."
Sébastien Ricard — CEO