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Happy At Work Tech World 2021 - LumApps

Index Egalité Professionnelle LumApps 2021

Our Values

Be Bold, Do Amazing Things - LumApps Value

Be Bold, Do Amazing Things

Greatness is not achieved through lukewarm ideas. At LumApps, we’re encouraged to aim high and take a strong stance! When we try something new, our solutions reflect these bold choices.

One Team Same Mission - LumApps Value

One Team,
Same Mission

Our company keeps growing, but our teams all share the same mission! Every day, we work together to achieve a common goal, through collaboration and solidarity.

Say What You Mean, Do What You Say - LumApps Value

Say What You Mean,
Do What You Say

Transparency is important to us, because trust not only holds us together, but it’s the only way to work effectively and move forward with integrity.

Always be Evolving - LumApps Value

Always Be

Time to jump in the deep end! We combine tech expertise with customer feedback and in-house experimentation, to keep our solutions fresh and innovative.

Jean Marie, Data Engineer @LumApps

If you like working on analytics, maintain real-time streaming architectures on a s.a.a.s product, that works with big-data and streaming pipelines again, well, come join us

Léo, Partner Manager @LumApps

LumApps is a very promising scale up and Partners are at the core of the company strategy. I’ve always been keen to take on a new challenge and LumApps’s ambition is to be the new giant of the internal communication platform. There is not a day without a new wall to push or new routes to find, being at LumApps is a bit like being on a new adventure every day.

Our Mission

LumApps cofounders

LumApps teams across the world all share the same objective. We want to help teams in their quest to develop strong cultures and share knowledge across communities, the way we do every day.

LumApps helps organizations transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and engage with their customers, partners, and most importantly, their employees.

To achieve this, LumApps teams think customer-centric:

  • We put user needs first and incorporate customer feedback
  • We practice what we preach, by synergizing and promoting internal innovation

By finding new ways of working internally, we’re able to create solutions we’re passionate about, that others will love too. Because ultimately, our mission is to make people feel that they belong and have a purpose.

Our History

Our team on Day 1, ready to take on three crazy days








The LumApps founders leveraged their experience as cloud specialists to start a SaaS company that offers corporate solutions. The startup counts a dozen employees based in Tassin-la-Demi-Lune (a suburb of Lyon).

LumApps builds its first new generation intranet for a large enterprise customer.

  • LumApps is now a growing startup of around 50 employees. LumApps opens a second office in Paris and sends a few intrepid LumApps travelers to the United States to start laying the foundations for our next adventure.
  • LumApps intranet is recommended by Google.
  • LumApps has 25% of the Top 100 French Apps Customers.
  • LumApps receives the Google Cloud Partner Innovation Award from Google.
  • LumApps raises $8M in a Series A round to grow its teams and open new geographic markets.
  • The startup expands and opens new offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Austin and Tokyo. Many new employees join the LumApps workforce: sales reps, deployment consultants, a CMO with a Marketing team and a JAPAC team.
  • In another major milestone, Google becomes a LumApps customer!
  • LumApps raises $24M in a Series B round.
  • Airbus becomes one of LumApps’ biggest customers.
  • The company has already doubled in size with over 100 employees worldwide!
  • After three years in hypergrowth, LumApps is operating worldwide with offices in New York, Austin, San Francisco, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo and historical headquarters in Lyon.
  • LumApps signs more big deals, including a top American bank, Motorola Solutions and Japan Airlines.
  • LumApps becomes a Microsoft Partner.
  • LumApps raises $70M in funding round led by Goldman Sachs, leading to a total of $100M to date. Thanks to this investor support, our little startup has now tripled in size with over 250 employees!
  • January 2020 saw our first ever global seminar in Marrakesh, Morocco, uniting over 200 employees from all global offices – a truly impressive event that shows just how far we’ve come!
Sébastien Ricard - CEO - LumApps

Sébastien Ricard

Géraldine Bothier - VP People - LumApps

Geraldine Bothier
VP People

Chris McLaughlin - CMO - LumApps

Chris McLaughlin

Coralie Faure - VP Finance - LumApps

Coralie Faure
VP Finance

Elie Mélois - CTO - LumApps

Elie Mélois

Idriss Bentoumi - CPO - LumApps

Idriss Bentoumi

Melinda Cormier - VP of Growth Marketing - LumApps

Melinda Cormier
VP of Growth Marketing

Jeremy Robbins - SVP Sales - LumApps

Jeremy Robbins
SVP Sales US

Gilles Meiers - VP Ops - LumApps

Gilles Meiers
VP Ops

Josué Möens - VP Customer Management NORAM - LumApps

Josué Moëns
VP Customer Management NORAM

Noam Ktalav - VP Partners - LumApps

Noam Ktalav
VP Partners

Fabian Chenal - LumApps

Fabian Chenal
Legal Director

vincent roullet

Vincent Roullet
VP Customer Management EMEA

philippe gless

Philippe Gless

Alfred Saad - CRO

Alfred Saad

Sébastien Liagre, VP Corporate Development

Sébastien Liagre
VP Corporate Development