Foster culture and collaboration to ensure everyone has a voice

LumApps helps organizations develop an inclusive and successful culture, with strong employee collaboration, leading to engaged, enabled and empowered employees.

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Share knowledge, connect, solve problems

Create a more collaborative company culture by encouraging team members to use LumApps to create, share, and engage with each other. LumApps is designed to make it easy for each employee to share their knowledge, and easily connect with each other, no matter where they are.

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Business Challenges

Future proof your collaboration strategy

  • Connect all employees to the company
  • Engage all employees, regardless of their role or location
  • Empower employees across the enterprise
  • Fuel a positive, inclusive, and cohesive culture 
  • Foster team collaboration and individual initiatives 
  • Provide a compelling digital workplace
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Solution and Benefits

Improved collaboration improves each employee’s experience

  • Easy to use posts allow each employee to share from Day 1
  • Empower each team to share their expertise and knowledge, through rich posts and videos
  • Remove the burden on IT teams as each team can autonomously administer their own space, serving each teams’ unique needs
  • Alleviate digital friction by connecting documents, calendars, and digital tools
  • Multilingual communications with 30+ languages to include employees across the organization
  • Intuitive tools to automate the delivery of key information and tasks to employees, across devices and apps, and guide your workforce through key moments in their lifecycle
  • Detailed analytics dashboards to support informed decisions for adjusting content and collaboration strategy over time
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