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Webinar: How EllisDon Connects All Employees with a Digital Workplace

Join the webinar on February 27 at 2PM ET to hear how EllisDon successfully connects the entire workforce with their digital workplace.

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FORRESTER WEBINAR: Communicate effectively with an increasingly scattered workforce

Exclusive webinar featuring FORRESTER: understand what you can expect through a new employee communication platform.

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LumApps & Microsoft O365 for a better employee experience

Employee expectations have changed in many ways over the past few years. It’s a priority to deliver an efficient and personalised experience. Companies must embrace digital technology to simplify and enhance the employees working day, with a single sign-in and quick access to all the resources they need.
Join our live webinar to learn why employee experience matters and how LumApps, with its native integration, boosts adoption and usage of Microsoft Office 365.

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Building Connections to Empower Frontline Employees

Frontline workers are the backbone of most companies, and yet the digital workplace often excludes them – cloud services are historically designed with the needs of office workers in mind, despite the fact that frontline workers make up 80% of the global workforce.

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The strategic role of employee communication for employee engagement

Employee engagement is an emerging driver for organizations and defines how employees are motivated to contribute to their company’s success. Fully-engaged employees give their best and even make additional efforts to reach beyond their objectives.

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LumApps partner of Scale up 360, October 21 & 22

In partnership with we.CONECT, LumApps will participate to Scale-up 360 Intranet, the online conference dedicated to the intranet. Do not miss out on our session about How to engage your employees and the strategic roles of the digital workplace.

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11 Tips to Boost Adoption of Your Digital Workplace

Today, the digital workplace has a central place for communication within your company. As an information centre, your platform must be pleasant and attractive in order to encourage your employees to use it regularly. Through these various tips and tricks, discover how to increase the adoption of your digital workplace by your employees.

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The Intranet of the future: 2020’s Trends

Today’s workplace demands a modern intranet experience with advanced technology to help drive communication, collaboration, and engagement among employees. To learn more about what makes a modern intranet solution, check out our webinar on the intranet of the future.

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How to connect all employees in the digital workplace

Many companies face the issue of connecting all their workers. Discover how to connect and engage all your employees through 8 Best Practices to implement inside your Digital Workplace.

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How to transform your internal comms?

Hear how PwC Belgium transformed their internal communications and enabled employees to be better informed and more productive.

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