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11 Tips to Boost Adoption of Your Digital Workplace

Today, the digital workplace has a central place for communication within your company. As an information centre, your platform must be pleasant and attractive in order to encourage your employees to use it regularly. Through these various tips and tricks, discover how to increase the adoption of your digital workplace by your employees.

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The Intranet of the future: 2020’s Trends

Today’s workplace demands a modern intranet experience with advanced technology to help drive communication, collaboration, and engagement among employees. To learn more about what makes a modern intranet solution, check out our webinar on the intranet of the future.

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How to connect all employees in the digital workplace

Many companies face the issue of connecting all their workers. Discover how to connect and engage all your employees through 8 Best Practices to implement inside your Digital Workplace.

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How to transform your internal comms?

Hear how PwC Belgium transformed their internal communications and enabled employees to be better informed and more productive.

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How to integrate business apps in your digital workplace?

Our work experiences are without boundaries and enterprises challenge is about building an intranet that is the home of a connected, employee-focused digital workplace.

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Employee Engagement: How to leverage a social intranet

Fostering employee engagement is an organic and socially responsible way to boost productivity. Discover how to leverage a social intranet to implement an efficient employee engagement strategy.

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How to manage your intranet platform?

EllisDon, a construction services company connects 3,000 employees on the field and experts in one place! During a 30 minutes webinar, Rory Smith, Internal Communications Coordinator, is going to share his experience on their new digital platform by LumApps.

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How Companies Are Unifying Communication?

Discover the CityMD intranet that is a convenient, comprehensive one-stop shop and the go-to resource for 2,600 team members at more than 110 locations. Come and hear Jerry Fortunato, VP of PMO at CityMD tell more about their project with LumApps and Google.

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Why LumApps Social Intranet is so Unique?

LumApps platform connects your digital workplace with a social and collaborative intranet. No other tool on the market has the combined features to empower employees, encourage collaboration and structure top-down communications in one single place.

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