Veolia: Unifying an Ecosystem of Internal Websites

In 2013, Veolia took the first step in their digital transformation with Google’s G Suite – going live with 80,000 employees within a year. From there, Veolia began to transform the way they work by introducing innovative cloud applications. At that time, Google Sites were already being used to share internal information.

About Veolia

Veolia is the world leader in waste, water, and energy management services. Headquartered in Paris, France, Veolia spans 50 countries worldwide with more than 170,000 employees.


+10 000 employees



The Challenge

When Veolia started thinking about a new intranet at the end of 2014, the IS&T, Communications, and HR departments had some key challenges in mind.

They wanted a “homesite” to serve as a single entry point to the digital workplace – capable of aggregating information from the entire Veolia Google workspace and database.

They not only wanted to build a new intranet, they wanted to build a complete and connected ecosystem of internal websites.


Embody the “One Veolia” vision, which is to have everyone using the same language


Provide users easy access to their Google working environment


Simplify access to business apps, documents, and information, in their own language

Why LumApps?

After considering several options, Veolia chose LumApps for its powerful search engine, native integration with G Suite, and capacity to support multi-language content.

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From a communications standpoint, the homesite of One to One (what Veolia named their intranet) enables users from all countries to not only see top-down information published by headquarters, but also to engage in bottom-up feedback and horizontal conversations.

In early 2016, Veolia launched a tailor-made mobile application for their Top 500 executives. With the same LumApps content and functionalities as the One to One ecosystem, the mobile app brings the latest information one step closer to their senior executives.

The Ability to Customize Your Personal Space

One to One, Veolia’s portal, went live in May 2015. The initial target audience was 40,000 employees in 9 different countries. We reached that goal in just 3 months. Today, each of the 100,000 users has the possibility to customize his or her personal space by subscribing to different sites’ newsfeeds and by bookmarking favorite business applications.

Thanks to this project’s success, we are now using LumApps as one of the standard solutions for intranet sites and in some cases, external sites as well. Each site owner is free to choose between LumApps and Google Sites depending on their needs.

Lucy-Xi Luo, Corporate IS&T

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