The ETAM Group: How 1000 Stores Became One

With digitized retail outlets and the adoption of a stunning intranet platform from LumApps, the ETAM group transcends physical limits to unite its 1000+ European locations in one digital space.

About Etam

The ETAM Group is a European leader of the retail market, with roots in France and points of sale across the world. With its three main brands Etam, Maison Cent Vingt-Trois and Undiz, the Group has over 1,400 stores in 54 countries.


3 000 - 10 000 employees

Internal Communications


The Challenge

Sharing knowledge and managing information can be difficult for retail organizations, particularly those with several distinct retail locations across various countries. With this, digital transformation is a top priority for retailers.

The ETAM group is no exception to this rule. They decided to invest in LumApps and Office 365 in order to centralize their retail operations and provide the best experience for their employees, and in turn, for their customers.

An innovative intranet for retail

The Etam Group and LumApps collaborated to create an innovative digital retail solution – a new intranet space that unites store locations and serves the broader organization’s communication needs. To bring physically disparate teams together, the platform utilizes native functionalities of Microsoft’s collaboration suite, Office 365 , including Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Outlook, Planner, Graph Notifications, Azure Active Directory and more.

Boosting employee interactivity in stores

Etam has structured their LumApps intranet in the form of an on-brand interactive publication called INTRA Mag. Since INTRA Mag was installed on in-store iPads, employees have direct access to relevant internal news and can now follow the latest communications and updates from headquarters in real time.


Company and market updates – articles, events, jobs, and more


The brand’s take on trends and how to convey them to customers


Business goals for managers at each location, responsive to information from decision-makers at HQ


A talent section to help employees with their personal and professional development

Without disrupting the existing IT infrastructure at our headquarters, we needed to digitize all the outlets of our 3 brands –Etam, 1.2.3, and UNDIZ– in order to share real-time information and respond to the business needs of our stores. Office 365 + LumApps was the natural solution.

Céline Wagrnier-Etam

Céline Wargnier,

Head of Communications, ETAM Group

Better employee education, better service

By facilitating communication between store branches and HQ, INTRA Mag is an outstanding example of technical agility for a corporate community. INTRA Mag allows the ETAM Group to create a real connection with all its employees and streamline communication channels. By focusing on the employee experience, Etam is also investing in the customer experience.

It only took ETAM 6 months to implement LumApps’ custom solution and they haven’t looked back. What could you do for your team in 6 months?

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