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LumApps is an award-winning social intranet solution that creates a holistic workspace, fully integrated with your collaborative suite and business tools.


Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 et Google Workspace.

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LumApps Social Intranet Platform Connects Your Digital Workplace

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Empower your employees with a social network they will adopt quickly and use everyday.

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Encourage collaboration within teams, between departments, and across locations.

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Communicate relevant and important content across the entire company with a common corporate portal.

Achieve Your Business Goals

a common culture and engage employees

employee work and enhance productivity

and share collective knowledge

all employees anywhere

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A Strong User Experience for Fast Adoption

LumApps is designed specifically for an intuitive user experience so that it can be used by everyone and adopted quickly.

Easily configure and customize to fit your brand identity.

Engage your employees with a modern and beautiful interface.

Discover LumApps Design Experience

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Solutions by Department

Connect, Engage, and Collaborate with employees to enhance your digital workplace.

Use Cases

LumApps Use Cases

Based on our experience with hundreds of customers, here are the most common and valuable use cases.

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Frequent and effective news communication is key to inform and align e...

HR Portal

An efficient HR communication is crucial to create a strong corporate ...

Employee Directory

Allowing people to connect across teams and locations is key to share ...

Job Board

Display an internal job board to increase internal mobility, source ta...

LumApps Features

  1. Communicate and inform
  2. Enhance productivity
  3. Foster networking and collaboration
  4. Connect from anywhere
  5. Manage and organize
  6. Integrate applications

Discover All Features

LumApps intranet features

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Native integrations

Other native connectors

LumApps Integrations

LumApps Open Platform offers you many native connectors and allows you to build your own connectors with our open APIs and SDK.



Social Intranet FAQs

A social intranet is a cloud-based platform that combines search, multimedia management, and communication tools so employees can more efficiently collaborate and access information.

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LumApps’ Social Intranet is a corporate platform that facilitates both top-down communication and peer-to-peer discussions. The solution simplifies access to all corporate content, social discussions, and business communities in one place.

Using a social intranet has many advantages:

  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Boosts collaboration
  • Hosts and organizes knowledge and information
  • Streamlines top down communication
  • Improves employee engagement

Discover all the benefits

  • Reflect your organization’s structure
  • Focus on design – attractive intranets drive adoption rates
  • Promote useful and relevant content 
  • Target the right audiences
  • Establish clean and easy-to-use navigation
  • Encourage users to collaborate
  • Keep content up-to-date and interesting

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