At the crossroads between consultancy and communication, Message was founded in 2004 with the mission of helping organisations establish long-lasting connections with their stakeholders. Today, in line with our purpose, we work side by side with our customers to accompany the transition towards a new business culture where economic, social and environmental aspects are fully integrated.


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Partnering with LumApps

Through our partnership with LumApps, we are committed to supporting businesses drive the change by starting from the most valuable asset: their own people. We believe that promoting the change within complex organisations requires a holistic approach and a tailor-made strategy the pillars of which are: identity (who we are), sustainability (what we do and the impacts that we generate) and communication (the way we do it).

Working with us means making the most of LumApps’ digital workplace which results in a journey that envisions:

  • A proven consultancy framework (Brandability™) that intertwines purpose, values, reputation and stakeholder engagement
  • Definition of business goals and strategic approach to internal communication based on analyses and interviews, interactive workshops and internal surveys
  • User experience, personas and content architecture
  • Co-design and prototyping


Brand identity (see our advisory suite: Brandability™), Corporate communication, Internal communication, Employer Branding, Sustainability, Creative design, Content production, Content marketing, Application development and integration.


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  • 40 employees
  • Countries
    Main market: Italy
    Projects also delivered in: Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany and Eastern Europe
  • Languages
    Italian, English, Spanish, French, German
  • Industry
    Energy, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Manufacturing, Construction