LumApps Furthers its Integration with Microsoft Graph to Deliver Smart Recommendations

After announcing the integration of Authentication context at Microsoft Ignite, LumApps will again be on stage at the Microsoft Build Conference. LumApps will showcase the latest innovations leveraging the Microsoft Graph technologies to further improve the Employee Experience.

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Wednesday, May 26 I 7-7:30pm UTC
Thursday, May 27I 11-11:30am UTC

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Tuesday, May 25 | 9:30-10pm UTC
Wednesday, May 26 I 11:30am-12pm UTC

Building on the integration of Microsoft Search, LumApps content will be recommended in the Microsoft 365 environment. LumApps content is surfaced wherever Microsoft Search is used. For example, LumApps content will be pushed to the Office 365 homepage in the “Recommended” section. LumApps content is also searchable in the Windows search bar or in Microsoft Teams search.


In a context where applications and corporate information are multiplying, we are convinced that the integration between the different stacks of the Digital Workplace and the smart recommendations are the key to a simplified and more productive employee journey

idriss bentoumi

Idriss Bentoumi

Chief Product Officer, LumApps



This is made possible by the Graph connectors framework that allows LumApps to push user activity data along with LumApps content to Microsoft. Using this data, Microsoft is able to recommend relevant LumApps content along with other documents stored in M365 tools. For example, any LumApps content shared in Teams is automatically recorded and fed to Microsoft’s recommendation engine.


We are very excited to use these new Activities APIs to further advance our Microsoft integration. In just one month, we were able to build our integration with the great support of Microsoft teams

camille ponchet

Camille Ponchet

Engineering Director, LumApps


Using Microsoft Graph APIs, LumApps integration is natively compliant for eDiscovery and meets enterprise-grade cloud security standards.

LumApps Ediscovery Microsoft


This integration will be released in General Availability to our customers during the summer. This is a first milestone in the path of an integration of Viva Topics. As soon as the Microsoft APIs become available, the next step is to integrate Microsoft content recommendations in LumApps so that wherever employees are, they receive relevant content suggestions.

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Milton Herman
Content Writer


Microsoft Product

Published on

May 25, 2021