LumApps, The Employee Experience Platform for Microsoft 365

LumApps provides seamless access to the entire Microsoft 365 suite (formerly Office 365), helping enterprises get the best out of their Microsoft investment.

From accessing files in OneDrive and SharePoint to sharing posts on Teams and Yammer, LumApps’ intranet streamlines employee access from one, unified digital workplace.

Microsoft Office 365 Intranet for Digital Workplace


Rich Microsoft 365 Integration

Sharepoint  Documents

Display folders and document previews.

Teams  Teams

Access your favorite Teams and channels in one click.

Planner  Planner

Stay organized by surfacing your Microsoft Planner app directly in LumApps.

Outlook  Emails

See your emails directly from your personal space within LumApps.

Sharepoint   SharePoint Sites

Display a list of SharePoint sites and access them in one click.

Yammer  Yammer

Display and access your Enterprise Social Network directly from your intranet.

Delve  Delve

Discover people and documents that matter most with Delve popular people and documents.

Stream  Stream

Integrate Microsoft Stream videos to make your intranet even more engaging.

Outlook  Calendar

Display your calendar in your personal space.

Surface Microsoft 365 Apps and Content in Context

With its native integration, LumApps adds value to Microsoft 365 by providing business context around enterprise content, apps, and documents.

Combine multiple Microsoft 365 apps in an organized and engaging way with LumApps.

Integration O365

Simple Administration

Azure AD User Profiles

Synchronize user profile data with your Azure AD to automatically keep information up to date.

Azure AD Groups

Synchronize Azure AD Groups and combine them with LumApps groups.

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Microsoft 365 Intranet FAQs

An Microsoft 365-based intranet (formerly Office 365) is a digital platform that, alongside all other intranet related functions, is designed to integrate seamlessly with all company Microsoft 365 tools, including Teams, Excel, and Sharepoint.

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  • Features – evaluate the features your company needs and choose a platform that includes those features
  • Vendors and partners – choose the vendor wisely. It’s important the vendor provides all the required services
  • Technical – make sure the intranet provider meets all enterprise technical requirements

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool, but it’s still important to have a company intranet platform that can collect and gather knowledge, and allow for 360-degree collaboration between teams. Having a Microsoft 365-integrated intranet allows your company to protect and grow its investment in the Microsoft 365 platform.

Choose the Microsoft 365 tools that are most important and begin with creating those integrations first. As the platform matures, more functionalities can be integrated, until the needs of every team and department are met.

> Discover LumApps Intranet for Microsoft 365

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