Improving Corporate Communication at TMX

Having just migrated to Google, TMX needed an intranet with native G Suite integration, capable of creating a seamless user experience and boosting G Suite adoption throughout the company.

About TMX Group

TMX Group Limited operates equities, fixed income and derivatives market exchanges. The company provides services encompassing listings, trading, clearing, settling and depository facilities, information services, and technology services for the international financial community. They are most known for their stock exchanges: The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) and the Montreal Exchange (ME).

TMX group - LumApps Customer

< 3 000 employees

Financial services

Internal Communications

The Challenge

Due to difficult navigation, poor search functionality, and limited accessibility, TMX Group’s previous system was not used effectively for communications, nor highly adopted by employees.

TMX had several requirements for a new intranet solution:

  • Easy to use platform

    that employees can access at anytime, from anywhere, and any device

  • One-stop-shop

    and central hub for all corporate communications

  • Multilingual system

    to accommodate bilingual French and English content requirements

  • Encouraging loyalty and engagement

    for all new employees (including from acquired companies)

Why LumApps?

When LumApps came into the picture, TMX Group had already launched a company migration to G Suite. Implementing a new intranet was an investment project for a new company culture.

Mike Benish, Director, IT Corporate Services with the Global Technology Services (GTS) division of TMX, took the lead and pushed LumApps as an extension of the Google Cloud Platform. The decision for choosing LumApps was largely due to its native integration with G Suite, providing a seamless user experience and boosting G Suite adoption.


After implementing LumApps, TMX Group recognized that their new intranet created:


A forum for two-way communication and collaboration


A higher level of confidence in communications and corporate news


Stronger connections across business lines by breaking down silos

It only took TMX Group 6 months to implement LumApps’ custom solution and they haven’t looked back. What could you do for your team in that time?

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