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Imerys is the world’s leading supplier of mineral-based specialty solutions. As of 2019, Imerys has €4.4 billion in annual revenue, 16,300 employees, and 250 locations, including mines, quarries, technology centers, processing plants, and offices. Imerys delivers high value, functional solutions to various industries – from manufacturing and automotive, to cosmetics and consumer goods.

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Imerys’ Digital Transformation

In 2018, Imerys started a global digital transformation. Imerys’ previous intranet was top-down and static, using legacy software. Information was hard to find and collaboration was impossible. With the migration from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office to G Suite, Imerys looked for an intranet solution to reflect and support their digital transformation.

The goal was to design an online environment that:

  • complemented Imerys’ newly launched digital ecosystem
  • brought all relevant information together in one place
  • encouraged employees to collaborate and share knowledge

Imerys and LumApps

OneImerys Mobile Intranet

Imerys and LumApps worked together to create a single digital workplace to connect all employees around the world in just under six months. Fully integrated with G Suite, the platform simplifies access to group-wide content and news, social discussions, and business communities. Imerys’ intranet, named OneImerys, is a global and unique place for employees to find information and receive timely news and updates.

Amidst a fast-paced and transforming digital environment, the LumApps platform offers flexibility to adapt to the company’s organizational structure, business functions, and changes. Imerys now has the ability to not only deliver vertical, top-down communications, but also enable bottom-up feedback and horizontal exchanges.

Key Use Cases

Progressive Roll-Out

Imerys built a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to develop and launch its platform in a relatively short period of time. The MVP included a sufficient amount of features to satisfy early adopters, and a solid foundation to continue building in the future. In five months, OneImerys launched. Since then, the platform has continued to evolve with the addition of new features and content.

A Tool to Support Change Management

In three years, the Imerys CEO changed three times and the company underwent a global transformation, completely restructuring its organization. OneImerys has been a key element in supporting the company’s many changes. It is the go-to place for the CEO to communicate directly and receive employee feedback. Upon joining Imerys, the new CEO, A. Dazza, has received over 70 questions from employees via the platform and his videos have been seen over 7,600 times.

Personalized Content

LumApps enables Imerys to personalize its communications for each employee. With 250 sites based in more than 50 countries, targeted functionality is key. Employees have access to relevant, personalized, and multilingual content according to their unique profile and location. Personalized content is based on a tag management system sourced from Workday and Google Group.


The Life@Imerys community enables leaders to recognize employees online and in turn, for employees around the world to share events and communicate with one another in a more informal way. LumApps communities give a voice to employees, with the ability to like, comment, and ask questions directly on posts.

“A Solid, Reliable, Trustworthy, and Useful Platform”

Whilst Imerys was moving from a decentralized to a more centralized organization, having a single digital communications tool was paramount to ensure our transformation’s success. Two years on, our OneImerys intranet has proven to be a solid, reliable, trustworthy, and useful platform for our employees on a day-to-day basis. It has also enabled us to be timely, engaging, and creative in our employee communication.

Philippa McLean, Employee Communications Director


Key Results


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The newsfeed enables Imerys to publish timely, relevant, and targeted news to audiences worldwide.

  • Push notifications to targeted audiences contribute to increased readership
  • Integration with the monthly newsletter increases adoption

In two years, Imerys has also seen an organic increase in community engagement. Communities enable different teams and business units to have their own dedicated spaces to work, discuss, share ideas, and engage with one another.

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This year, Imerys is launching the OneImerys App to all employees to further increase adoption and start connecting deskless workers – OneImerys is still growing and has many great opportunities ahead!

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