JAL: Successfully Conveying Corporate Messages to More than 36,000 Employees

About Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is an international airline and Japan’s flag carrier, headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The JAL Group conducts numerous operations centering on the air transport business. For over 70 years they continue to connect people, regions, and the world and take on challenges for the future.

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+10 000 employees


Internal Communications




Approximately 36,000 employees locally and globally, are engaged in various duties, including pilots and flight attendants, all with a common objective to fly the aircrafts safely and comfortably.

That is why their internal portal site that conveys key information to employees plays a very important role for them.

JAL’s digital transformation

As digital transformation progresses, such as the spread of internal mobile devices and the use of the Internet with guaranteed security, the information provided to employees through internal portals has diversified and increased.

JAL was looking for a solution that enables the communication managers to easily organize and share information. Diversity of features and functions and ensuring an easy access for all users were key prerequisites.

With the end of support for the previous system, JAL decided to rethink its portal entirely to better fit their present usage environment. After considering various solutions, they’ve selected LumApps solution, which met all the necessary requirements and conditions, such as content management system, native search, multi-device support, as well as distinctive security performance.

JAL’s environment and LumApps solutions

JAL environment and LumApps solution JP

“Since the internal platform is the first thing that employees see when they come to work, I think that good or bad design will affect the motivation of the day. That’s why we focused on achieving beautiful, sophisticated, and easy-to-read designs.”

Ms. Yuko TAKAHASHI,  IT Promotion Planning Department, Japan Airlines

Key Use Cases

Content Ownership

The general affairs department is responsible for all the contents concerning the entirety of l employees. Other more local and specific parts are managed by delegating some administrative authority to each affiliated companies or departments. This is possible thanks to LumApps’ fine-grained contributors roles permission settings.


By preparing a format that uses the JAL Group’s brand colors and unifying the design concept, we are devising ways to make it easy for all employees to see, no matter which group site or department site they go to. Each article and content is managed on a content-by-content basis, and viewing permissions are set for each content.


They realized immediately after using LumApps that their management messages can actually be very easily delivered and communicated to all employees. With the multi-device support, information can now be accessed without being tied to time or place.

Information portal

By posting and updating information such as the latest information and announcements on the top page in a timely manner, JAL aims to be an attractive portal as an information hub for the employees.


Previously, overseas branches showed malcontent that information was only shared in Japanese. Today such comments have significantly decreased, thanks to the multilingual features and support of the platform. In addition to Japanese, contributors can now easily add English translations and enrich their content.


To progress and evolve the overall layout and content placement on the site, JAL is using the platform’s Analytics to understand better the degree of dissemination of each information. This can help them encourage engagement with some of the less-seen contents and improve user experience.

Security Group

Using the security group of the account management system of the cloud service, JAL makes it possible to access the information on the site where the information of the group companies and departments to which each employee belongs is posted by single sign-on (SSO).

API Integration

The flight system is linked by API to display real-time flight information and punctuality on the top page so that employees can check at a glance.