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FM Logistic is a family-owned independent logistics company. It is active in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America (Brazil) and employs more than 27,500 people. FM Logistic invests in innovation to offer supply chain services that answer changing consumer behaviors, the rise of e-commerce, omni-channel distribution and sustainability.

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FM Logistic’s transformation: digital, but also deskless

In 2018, FM Logistic undertook its digital transformation. Its goal was to build a new digital workplace, relying on Google Workspace for productivity tools and LumApps for its intranet. 

Aiming for seamless collaboration across the 14 countries where the company operates, FM Logistic devised a central hub where employees can find all useful tools and information in one single place. 

Being a logistics company, a large part of FM Logistic’s workforce is deskless. With a mobile-first strategy in mind, its vision was to assist employees in their daily tasks through the support of technology.

“A smooth digital workplace experience to our frontliners”

Frontline workers might be deskless, but they should definitely not be voiceless. We have more than 27,000 employees globally, and we can’t afford to have any team disconnected. Everyone should be able to join the conversation with ease. We were happy to work with LumApps to shape and test the development of this application.

Claire Schmauch, Group Organization Development & Communication Director
FM Logistic


FM Logistic and LumApps

FM Logistic and LumApps worked together to create the new platform, named Hello, in under 6 months. Hello is available for employees across all countries, and is designed for mobile use, and personalization. The aim was to create a digital workplace that was collaborative, seamless, and inclusive.


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Communities are developed voluntarily by contributors. With an ever-growing number of communities, some of them connect up to 500 people all over the world.


FM Logistic is working to reinforce the integration with their HRIS software and other key applications to build a truly unified experience for all employees.


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Following a strong ambition to connect everyone within the company, FM Logistic’s priority is to onboard frontline workers with a mobile-first strategy and specific use cases.

Communication & Knowledge

All employees receive personalized news, so that they only see what interests them as they browse their digital workplace. All content is targeted by region, department, topic… And all global information is translated into 14 languages.


FM Logistic’s intranet serves as a tool hub, centralizing corporate information and latest news but also hosting the many work apps that employees need on a daily basis, such as their HRIS application. Employees now have easy access to all apps they need at their fingertips.

In-app chat

Frontline workers have easy access to an in-app chat, embedded into their digital workplace app. In addition to facilitating communication, it also helps to centralize communication and avoid shadow IT, which represents a security risk.

Operational workflows

In order to facilitate issue-reporting processes, FM Logistic implemented an in-app workflow solution. It allows collaborators to simplify the process, by avoiding complex report-filing on paper, by just taking a picture and describing the malfunction on the application. Managers are therefore aware of issues more quickly, and can solve them faster.

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