Customer Spotlight: How Palo Alto Networks is Shaping the Future of Work

Palo Alto Networks is a global leader in cybersecurity, protecting tens of thousands of organizations worldwide through innovative breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. The company’s mission is to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life. Palo Alto Networks is made up of more than 10,000 employees, serving more than 85,000 enterprise customers in over 150 countries.

Since Palo Alto Networks employees are focused on protecting customers from constantly-evolving digital threats, real-time sharing of information and knowledge is critical to the company’s success — a difficult task made even more so by COVID-19 as a majority of employees and customers worked remotely.

+10 000 employees

Digital Consulting

Internal Communications


Launching the Loop

Palo Alto Networks faced limitations with communication and knowledge sharing due to their previous platform, Jive. These issues were magnified during the initial days of COVID-19. Nicole Tate-Pappas, Senior Director, Digital Employee Experience at Palo Alto Networks, affectionately called their LumApps platform, “a pandemic baby,” as they launched in the spring of 2020. The Loop was launched in less than two months, stabilizing communications during a turbulent time for the global workforce. The Loop is a single source of truth, and single point of entry for more than 10,000 employees.


“It felt like we changed the wheels on a moving vehicle without crashing.”
Suchi Annasami, Director of Product and Digital Collaborations



Palo Alto Networks migrated a massive library of content – spanning over 53,000 individual pages and associated meta-data – propelled by a cross-functional team at Palo Alto Networks working in tandem with LumApps.

LumApps provided the customization needed for Palo Alto Networks to support 40 offices spread across the world. LumApps also partnered with the company to create a long-term, data-driven plan to increase engagement and work with other tools such as Slack.

LumApps and FLEXWORK

In addition to cyber security, Palo Alto Networks is an industry leader when it comes to empowering employees and embracing the new era of hybrid work. They decided to go further when it comes to employee experience and future of work.

They partnered with four leading tech companies (Uber, Box, Zoom, Splunk) to create FLEXWORK, re-imagining work with a great emphasis on flexibility and choice. FLEXWORK and the LumApps platform work together and are complementary. As an example, an employee highlights feature showcases employee accomplishments by aggregating engagement statistics from The Loop such as published content.

Employees receive digital certificates highlighting their work. Other FLEXWORK features include an integrated HR portal (FlexBenefits), a learning management system (FlexLearn), reminders and task assistance (FlexAssist).

FLEXWORK, alongside LumApps, helps forward-thinking organizations such as Palo Alto Networks deliver an innovative employee experience and set the tone for the future of work. Speaking on the combination of The Loop and FLEXWORK, Nicole Tate-Pappas, Senior Director for Digital Employee Experience at Palo Alto Networks said: “This is how we work, this is our culture.”

The FLEXWORK Digital Event in February 2022 will bring reality, resources and information on Hybrid Work to make their employees successful. This event has been facilitated and will be hosted on the Loop.