Town Hall

Maximize the impact of town halls with a central area for planning and sharing.

Town hall meetings give employees across offices and locations a chance to hear about the latest company updates.

LumApps enables you to build a Virtual Town Hall where organizers can establish a central destination to share event information and content, and gather employee feedback through real-time chat.

LumApps Townhall

Before the Event

  • Share important information about the live event, including dates, content, speakers and how to ask questions.
  • Showcase your Event Calendar synchronized with Outlook / Google Calendar to make sure no one misses out on key dates, milestones, or events.
  • Connect events to other related content (news, documents) on your platform to create an all-in-one organizational solution
  • Create an interactive culture by giving employees an outlet to propose topics, vote for topics and ask questions ahead of the event.


During the Event

  • Embed a live video from Microsoft Stream or YouTube
  • Share related documents from SharePoint Online or Google Drive
  • Enable real-time discussions and reactions with the Microsoft Team Chat widget
  • Create polls to engage with participants in real time
  • Learn more about the speakers by following the links to their profiles


After the Event

  • Embed video replays (YouTube or Microsoft Stream)
  • Share the presentations (Google Drive or SharePoint Online)
  • Share links to resources, and summarize questions and commentary.
  • Showcase attendance data or poll results and questions asked during the presentation
  • Enable employees to further discuss the event


Virtual Town Hall for Intranet Software - LumApps

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