Employee Directory

Give employees the tools they need to help define their professional profile and the ability to find the right people and expertise within your organization. Sort by location, skills, department, and more.

  • Create an online Employee directory that informs and connects your entire organization.
  • This Company Directory is a central place for employees to find expertise and navigate the company structure.
  • Create a unified space to easily boost efficiency and allow employees to quickly find exactly who they need, when they need them.
  • A well-organized, flexible, and dynamic directory enables collaboration and lets employees leverage the talents of their colleagues in an instant.


Connecting employees

  • Create a map of employees and sort by department, location, skills or other custom criteria.
  • Foster networking by allowing employees to follow the activity of teammates and other individuals within the company
  • Every user has a personal profile where you can find their photo, contact details, skills, personal and business interests, and more.
  • Easily search the database to find the right person immediately.
  • Use dynamic organizational charts to locate specific people, identify gaps, and allocate resources to boosting organizational efficacy


Easy to set up and easy to maintain

  • Import and synchronize data with Google Groups, Azure Active Directory or Okta
  • Create as many custom fields as you want (languages, skills, interests, hobbies…)
  • Enable or limit employees to update certain fields
  • Automatically display an organization chart using the manager field


Connect right away

  • Use LumApps native integrations from directly within directory tools to connect with other employees and leverage the talents of your organization.
  • Microsoft Office 365: Teams, Yammer, Outlook
  • G Suite: Hangout Meet, Gmail
  • Other integrations: Slack


Employee Directory Solution for Enterprise - LumApps Intranet

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