The Employee Experience Platform for Information Technology

Improve the employee experience with a single point of access to all corporate resources and assets.

Simplify platform administration with a modern and secure Employee Experience Platform, recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Intranet Platforms, Q2’20 Report.

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Benefits for IT Teams

Improve Employee Experience


Organize and orchestrate access to corporate tools, information, applications, and resources within a single workspace.

Enable employees to search and find what they need across the entire digital workplace with global search.

Simplify Platform Administration


Connect all employees from anywhere and on any device, including frontline workers.

Support your organization with a secure and flexible cloud platform that scales with your business.

Use Cases

Use Cases for IT

IT Portal

Provide easy access and one-stop-shopping for all matters related to…


Employee Directory

Allowing people to connect across teams and locations is key to share…




Features for IT

  • Cloud Solution: for regular and lean upgrades
  • Customizable Design: extensive branding capabilities
  • Mobile Applications: connect everyone everywhere
  • Targeted Communications: relevant content
  • Multilingual Communications: 30+ languages available
  • Collaborative Suite: integration with Office 365 and G Suite
  • Open Platform: native connectors and open APIs
  • Global Search: find what you need across news, documents, and communities
  • Analytics: assess your impact and measure adoption
  • Security: ISO 27001 certification

Intranet for IT FAQs

An IT-centric intranet is an intranet platform that is built and designed with the needs of the IT organization in mind to minimize developer time wasted on everyday needs. IT-centric intranets are more focused on the needs of IT, which can differ from the needs of communications or human resources departments.

An intranet platform should be the go-to communications and information hub for all employees, but especially for information technology workers. Having access to all internal and external resources allows IT to solve problems faster and anticipate issues before they happen. Since IT is responsible for building the organization’s digital infrastructure, it is especially important they have a highly productive intranet experience.

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