Enterprise Video Management made

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Centralize and simplify video content management – Collect, store, organize, enrich, broadcast videos all from LumApps.

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Keep internal videos secure and private within your intranet firewall leveraging Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.

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Leveraging tags, descriptions and transcripts, videos become a source of knowledge for all through a global search.

Centralize and Simplify Video Management

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Collect videos from public websites (YouTube, Vimeo), from Files management systems (SharePoint Online, Google Drive) and from your employees.

Organize & Enrich

Organize your videos using libraries and metadata. Enrich videos with thumbnails, chapters, subtitles and call-to-actions for easy consumption and interactivity.


Create targeted video channels and webTVs for both internal communication (built-in LumApps Intranet) and external communication.


Know which videos are a hit with native video-specific analytics (impressions, views, drop / engagement metrics…) to improve your engagement strategy.

Drive Employee Engagement With Videos Everywhere

Humanize your voice and messaging

Put a face on company culture and executive communications. Leaders can communicate and connect with employees through authentic videos.

Reach everyone with live events

Expand your reach and broadcast with confidence live and on-demand events of any size with cutting-edge video technology.

Drive intranet engagement and adoption

Videos generate 530% more engagement via comments and reactions.

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Driving Success Across the Enterprise

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Democratize videos for all functions

Corporate communications can deliver strong messages through video to fuel engagement. Executives can be seen and heard through leadership vlogs and virtual town halls. Human Resources can get new hires up to speed with video guides in the onboarding center….

Empower employees to share their experiences

Share stories and knowledge to drive culture and productivity. Using LumApps mobile app, any employee can record and share videos instantly.

Smart Knowledge Sharing

Leveraging libraries, tags, descriptions, videos stay organized, surface in LumApps search and become a source of knowledge for all.