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With LumApps Employee Social Advocacy, companies can now transform engaged employees into powerful brand advocates!

Maximize your social reach and build your brand image. Empower employees and increase engagement.

LumApps offers a simple employee advocacy solution, accessible to all companies and employees.

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Why Employee Social Advocacy?

Build Your Brand Image and Reach


Employee advocacy expands your social reach by leveraging employees’ personal connections. Employees have on average, 10 times more contacts than your organization.

Employee advocacy increases your brand credibility. Content shared by employees is trusted 2 times more than content shared by companies.

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Attract and Retain Top Talent


Employee advocacy attracts and retains top talent. Job seekers are more likely to apply to a position when they see it on a connection’s profile, rather than the company or recruiter’s feed.

Referred candidates tend to be faster and less expensive to recruit, are quicker to onboard, and more likely to stay longer.

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Improve Employee Engagement


Advocacy programs are a great way to demonstrate you trust and want to empower your employees.

Engaged employees are able to increase and expand their impact – reinforcing their motivation and loyalty.

Employee Social Advocacy for Everyone

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Employee Advocacy for Program Managers

Promote your corporate brand

  • SECURE: promote company-approved content
  • MEASURABLE: see detailed program analytics to track success
  • SCALABLE: leverage quality intranet articles to fuel your campaigns

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Employee Advocacy for Employees

Promote your personal brand

  • SIMPLE: share in one click from your intranet
  • AUTHENTIC: personalize your message
  • REWARDING: see your social impact

Employee Advocacy Solution Features

One-Click Away

Promote shareable content with your employees directly via their daily news platform in your LumApps Social Intranet.

Encourage and simplify social sharing with a single platform to manage both internal communication and external, social media communication.

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Guided Sharing

Guided Sharing

Provide company-approved news that employees can easily post to their social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Provide suggested text and guidelines so that the message is on-brand and authentic.

Measure Success

Gain insight into brand amplification and understand which pieces of content are resonating with your employees and their networks.

Monitor program performance with simple-to-use dashboards.

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Mobile Application for Employee Social Advocacy

Mobile Application

Enable all your employees, including deskless and frontline workers, to amplify your corporate messages and advocate for your brand.

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White Paper

Want to start an Employee Social Advocacy program?


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Social Employee Advocacy FAQs

Employee advocacy is the promotion of a company or brand by its employees, typically through social media.

Read More About Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is a powerful way to promote the company for free. Employees on average have 10x more contacts on social media than the company, get 24x more shares on each post, and are 3x more trusted by their contacts.

  1. Identify the best candidates to become ambassador for the company
  2. Demonstrate the benefits of advocacy and online sharing
  3. Ask employees to be advocates, rather than mandate them to do so
  4. Recognize employees for being good advocates
  5. Gamification – find a way to make employees feel rewarded for sharing
  6. Make it easy – make the advocacy process as frictionless as possible for ambassadors

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