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The Xemble Technologies team of senior IT executives, architects and application developers will help you conduct end-to-end assessments of the people, process and technology aspects of your organization’s operations including a focus on security & risk. We focus on delivering significant value to your organization through our expertise in developing custom web applications, application migration and integration services, collaboration projects and cloud infrastructure services.


Partnering with LumApps

At Xemble we chose to partner with Lumapps to fill a business need we had seen in the marketplace. Our customers were looking to provide a simple to use social and collaborative platform which could help them better deliver company content and communications and also provide a responsive mobile platform for all their employees. Lumapps delivers exceptional value because it was designed to be a portal that facilitates top down corporate communications and a peer-peer internal social network. Lumapps also enhances employee productivity by providing easy access to all their apps, emails, employee directories and social communities in a safe and secure manner with single sign-on. Its tight integration with Microsoft 365 also enhances the adoption, productivity and collaboration features of those products.

Our customers are now able to connect their employees around the office, nation and world on any device with a true social experience combining enterprise portal functionality with social and collaborative features such as communities , calendars, activity feeds , push notifications and more.

Certifications LumApps

Sales and Deployment.


Microsoft Certified Silver Partner – Multiple Cloud Competencies and Nintex Certified Partner.

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  • 30 employees
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    Mexico, Carribean
  • Languages
    English, Spanish
  • Industry
    Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance