As a leading cloud solutions provider, Onix elevates customers with consulting services for cloud infrastructure, collaboration, devices, enterprise search and geospatial technology. Onix uses its ever-evolving expertise to achieve clients’ strategic cloud computing goals. Onix backs its strategic planning and deployment with incomparable ongoing service, training and support. It also offers its own suite of standalone products to solve specific business challenges, including OnSpend, a cloud billing and budget management software solution.


Award Badge Best Partner at Scale

LumApps Partner Awards

Best LumApps Partner at Scale 2020

This badge recognizes partners that have demonstrated a strong ability to grow a team of experts able to recommend, implement and support LumApps for their customers.

Partnering with LumApps

Onix became LumApps’ first certified partner in 2016, expanding its portal solutions practice to help customers leverage G Suite to its full potential. LumApps drives an organization’s adoption of a G Suite investment tying all of the tools together into a single portal for increased employee engagement. Customers use the portal to save time planning sales activities, reducing the number of meetings and breaking down silos between the organization and employees to communicate more effectively. The result is a company-wide collaboration process improvement.

LumApps Certifications

As LumApps Best Partner at Scale 2020, Onix continues to grow and expand the online collaboration space. At Onix, our expertise covers every step of a LumApps deployment. Focusing on the end-user experience, our team of UX designers and technical implementers are all LumApps Level 1 and Level 2 certified. Our Training and Customer Support teams are all Level 1 certified as well, to foster an engaging transition for every employee.



Data Analysis, Business Requirements gathering, UX/UI Design, Design Best Practices, Information Architecture, SharePoint, Wireframe and Mockup design, Marketing and Branding guidelines, G Suite security and provisioning, Google Analytics.

  • 250 employees
  • Countries
    United-States, Canada
  • Languages
    English, French
  • Industry
    Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, as well as other smaller production based organizations


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