We are a young, smart and innovative technology consulting company. We believe in Google Cloud technology as a key factor of digital transformation, but our projects are based first of all on People who are the real engine of innovation and change in the company. Our mission is the Adoption of technology, to help companies grow, evolve and introduce more collaborative, efficient and flexible work logics.


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Partnering with LumApps

We are one of the first LumApps partner in Italy. We work closely with LumApps to improve the experience of employees across companies. Our expertise in change management and UX let us take care about the whole LumApps project cycles. Our main goal is to help companies improve their internal communication and employees engagement by building an integrated digital workplace based on LumApps and business App.

La Marzocco creates an integrated and strategic touchpoint with LumApps.

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Atlantic improves its internal communication with LumApps.

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Oberalp Group creates a single access point together with LumApps.

LumApps Certifications

Sales and Deployment – Huware al training parigino di LumApps


Internal communication, Deployment, Design, Work transformation enterprise, Application Development, Cloud Migration, Security, Data Analytics.

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  • 40 employees
  • Countries
    Headquartered in Italy, operating in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
  • Languages
    English, Italian, Spanish
  • Industry
    Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Food&Beverage, Banking, Insurance, Sport&Fitness
  • Tools and integrations
    Google Workspace