LumApps Recognized by ClearBox Consulting

London, UK – January 6, 2021 – LumApps today announced that the company’s leading intranet and digital workplace platform was featured in ClearBox Consulting’s first inaugural “Independent Intranets” report, which highlights LumApps’ “flexibility to cater to the needs of large and complex organisations.”

LumApps Recognized by Clearbox Consulting - News

The recognition comes after a year of expansion at LumApps as large enterprises accelerate the adoption of digital workplace technology in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In addition to rolling out new critical tools — like LumApps for Frontline Workers, the only digital workplace mobile app designed to align all workers from the office, home and field — LumApps was also recognized as an industry leader by a top analyst firm, which also quantified positive ROI for top enterprises in deploying LumApps.

We’re proud to be recognized by ClearBox Consulting, which has helped enterprises on intranets for over 15 years, for the business transformation LumApps helps large enterprises navigate.

— Rob Ryan, Senior Director of Strategic Development and Business Value at LumApps


ClearBox Consulting is a UK and Ireland-based independent consulting firm that helps large enterprises from AstraZeneca to Vodafone assess, plan, manage and scale the non-technical aspects of intranets and digital workplaces globally. ClearBox Consulting’s in-depth report helps to serve as a “buyer’s guide to ready-made platforms,” the report assessed over 16 independent intranet platforms that offer “flexibility and opportunities for customisation as well as good integrations” across 10 different scenarios, interviewing top customers. The report compares the product capabilities across a spectrum of scenarios based on ClearBox’s experience.

In its analysis, ClearBox Consulting highlights that with LumApps the “creation of news and other content is intuitive, there is great flexibility in branding, and the communities are an area of strength, with good integration of Microsoft Teams and Slack.”

The report is available for purchase via ClearBox’s website here.


About LumApps

LumApps aligns the modern enterprise workforce through better communication, engagement, organization and work. The company’s leading intranet and employee experience platform intelligently connect people, information and applications to deepen business relationships and grow institutional knowledge and productivity. Available across devices and languages, LumApps is an open and extensible platform built for enterprise scale and flexibility. LumApps is counted on by over four million users spanning the world’s top enterprises, from Airbus to Zendesk.


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January 6, 2021