LumApps and ProcessMaker Announce Global Strategic Partnership

LumApps and ProcessMaker are excited to announce a global strategic partnership to deliver joint solutions, combining ProcessMaker’s easy to use workflow automation and LumApps’ proven ability to engage employees and leverage all internal communications in a central hub.

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LumApps + ProcessMaker

Together, LumApps, the Social Intranet, and ProcessMaker, the leader in enterprise workflow and business process management, will connect to enable users of both services to experience a seamless workflow for enhanced productivity that serves human resources, support teams, sales, marketing, and much more.

Both solutions follow a user-friendly philosophy, meaning that the integration doesn’t require additional coding before implementation.

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What is ProcessMaker?

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ProcessMaker is a cost-effective and easy-to-use business process management (BPM) or workflow software application. ProcessMaker automates form-based, approval-driven workflows that improve the way information flows between people and systems. ProcessMaker can assist organizations of any size with designing, automating and deploying business processes or workflows of various kinds.



Who is LumApps?

LumApps is an award-winning social intranet that creates a holistic workspace, fully integrated with your collaborative suite and business tools. The LumApps platform equips organizations to break down internal barriers and streamline corporate communication, while providing users with all company content, enterprise tools and social features in one place.


Improve process workflow with LumApps + ProcessMaker

With the integration of ProcessMaker, LumApps users can easily initiate requests and processes from within LumApps and continue to receive updates on its progress.

Workflow solutions examples for multiple industries and functions

  • Human Resources: Use ProcessMaker to create digital processes for employee onboarding/off-boarding and receive notifications on the LumApps intranet.
  • Hospitality: Create forms, initiate requests, generate reports and much more with ProcessMaker and through LumApps, ensure the appropriate teams are notified.
  • Support Teams: Create new customer support cases in LumApps with the ProcessMaker plugin, and receive status notifications for tickets across support channels.
  • Sales and Marketing: Take advantage of the LumApps Google Cloud integration to share materials and resources. Then, automate workflows with ProcessMaker to help your sales team reach their goals.

What to expect

“ProcessMaker and LumApps will continue to work together for ongoing development to ensure an ever-improving user experience for both of our combined customers. We expect to have extensive updates throughout the rest of Q3 and Q4 2018.

The collaboration between LumApps and ProcessMaker creates a powerful tool for our customers to digitally transform their businesses. LumApps portal users will continue to use the familiar portal interface to access all the business process management functions of ProcessMaker, allowing them to streamline their processes, gain visibility to status and drive efficiencies.”

Brian Reale, CEO at ProcessMaker


We are excited for this new partnership between LumApps and ProcessMaker, to bring our customers the best of our combined expertises, with more efficient and productive workflows. We look forward to offering an updated user experience before the year is out.

Renaud Perrier, CPO at LumApps


Integrating ProcessMaker with LumApps

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Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA



Published on

September 21, 2018