LumApps Works with Microsoft to Accelerate Innovation in Employee Experience

Paris, June 1st 2021

LumApps and Microsoft = a Better Employee Experience

LumApps is accelerating its strategic and technological collaboration with Microsoft to enhance the employee experience. Due to the pandemic, many companies moved to remote or flexible work models. This requires an unprecedented level of effort and agility.

Today more than ever, companies realize the need to support their employees with the information and the means to do their work in a simple and efficient manner.


A partnership for innovation

LumApps and Microsoft have been working together for more than 2 years to rethink the employee experience. This strategic and technological partnership began in 2019 as part of the PAX (Partner eXperience) program to develop the first Microsoft Graph integrations. It has enabled the development of integrations and many innovative use cases to support employees in their daily lives (smart notifications, Microsoft Duo / Neo, etc.).


LumApps and Microsoft 365

Communication is essential to business success. Information must flow quickly, efficiently and be available to all employees. LumApps delivers this fundamental element of the employee experience while orchestrating, extending and enriching the use cases of Microsoft 365.

LumApps adds context and personalization to the communication experience. Employees receive relevant content to keep them engaged and informed. LumApps organizes and guides employees to the right applications and the right Microsoft content, making it easier and faster to answer questions. In doing so, LumApps simplifies the employee experience.


“In a context of an overabundance of tools and information, we are convinced that to allow employees to have an efficient and pleasant workday without untimely interruptions, it is absolutely necessary to build a better integration between the different stacks of the Digital Workplace.” 

sebastien ricard

Sebastien Ricard

CEO — LumApps


“The Microsoft and LumApps teams want to be privileged partners in the transformation of businesses by offering innovative digital solutions. LumApps’ business know-how with the communications and human resources departments is perfectly aligned with the value of our solutions and meets this crucial need. ” 

Agnès Van de Walle - Microsoft France

Agnès Van de Walle

Director of the One Commercial Partner entity — Microsoft France


“LumApps and the Communication team have contributed to the success of the deployment of Microsoft 365 by facilitating the distribution of the necessary resources and making it possible to answer employees’ questions in LumApps”

Eugénie Alibert - Servier

Eugénie Alibert

Manager Digital Communication — Servier


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LumApps and Microsoft Teams

LumApps is advancing the integration with Microsoft Teams and released a new version made available earlier in May. LumApps enables companies like Servier to deploy, adopt and realize the full potential of Teams.

Content published in LumApps can be shared in Teams to quickly and effectively inform collaborators. Information that is discussed in Teams can be acted upon and organized in LumApps. Combining LumApps and Teams gives organizations the right tools for different types of communication – instant communication and a structured knowledge base. The personalized news from LumApps now feeds directly to employees in Teams, making for a smoother experience.


With the announcement of Microsoft Viva, Microsoft continues to emphasize the importance of the employee experience and the use of Teams for a streamlined and productive experience.


LumApps on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

We’re increasing the reach of LumApps with Microsoft 365, LumApps will be available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource with visibility in 110 countries by the end of June. Microsoft customers will be able to discover and purchase the LumApps solution as part of their Azure package with just a few clicks.

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Milton Herman
Content Writer


Corporate News Microsoft Partners Product

Published on

June 1, 2021