Forrester Finds a 254% ROI for Enterprises Using LumApps

At LumApps, every day we see firsthand how our platform transforms what’s possible for over four million users at top organizations.

Over the years, we have collected hundreds of customer success stories, anecdotes and data that demonstrate how LumApps drives ROI through better communication, engagement, organization and productivity.

However, we wanted to go further. Recently, we commissioned Forrester Consulting, a leading research firm, to perform a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study across six experienced LumApps customers to uncover the true return on investment via a rigorous analysis by an independent third-party. The results confirm significant gains from a migration to LumApps.

When LumApps is first implemented, companies feel the effects almost immediately and need nine months to fully receive return on their initial investment.



In terms of numbers, LumApps delivers:

  • Three-year 254% return on investment
  • 9 Month payback period
  • $7,520,000 (NPV) present value benefits over three years


How the results were calculated

Forrester interviewed six LumApps customers and aggregated their experiences to combine the results into a single composite organization.

Forrester TEI statistics


The composite organization was based on six LumApps customers spanning industries, from midsize to enterprise

  • Aerospace – Netherlands | 134,000 employees
  • Retail – UK | 80,000 employees
  • Financial Technology – USA | 24,000 employees
  • Financial Services – USA | 22,000 employees
  • Retail – France | 14,000 employees
  • Food Delivery – UK | 8,000 employees


The study calculated the quantified effect of a LumApps digital workplace across a range of business benefits from productivity gains to cost avoidance, reduction of customizations, reduction of overhead, faster onboarding – and more.


An Aerospace Business Application Lead interviewed for the study stated: “[With] this one tool, I can replace three tools I used to have before. And so there are also some benefits in terms of cost licenses as a consequence.

Another Senior Manager at a Financial Technology company interviewed for the study relayed: “We’re breaking down silos in all of these different regions and brand segments and bringing everyone into the same corporate platform. And that was a first for [us] to have one unified, corporate intranet.


Other qualitative benefits customers outlined in the study include: improved employee experience, increased engagement, reduction of carbon footprint and operational excellence.


LumApps as a strategic partner

LumApps has been pioneering the digital workplace and intranet category since 2015. Today LumApps stands as the leader in the field, growing and innovating to help over 400 enterprises realize the full potential of their technology investments.

To learn more about how you can benefit from partnering with LumApps and transform your organization with a robust digital workplace adoption plan and program strategy, read the full study here.


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Corporate News Media and Press Product Recognition

Published on

December 7, 2020