Analyst Research: Improve Employee Experience To Better Your Business Performance

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Employee experience continues to gain momentum as a topic. Traditional HR initiatives such as work-life balance, well-being, retention and recruiting are being folded into the umbrella of employee experience along with related topics such as productivity, collaboration and communication.

LumApps, an employee experience platform, strives to identify the trends, insights and best practices in this field from enterprise customers and expert industry analysts. The latest research is delivered by Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm.


Report: Improve Employee Experience To Better Your Business Performance

Forrester recently updated a previously published report about how employee experience (EX) continues to gain momentum as the evidence for its impact on business outcomes mounts.

Among the paper’s key takeaways:

  • The research is clear: employee experience programs are good for business.
  • Employee experience is a practice that’s distinct from HR. Success requires a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach who share a common vision.
  • Employee experience is about resourcing. Invest in tools and technologies that empower employees to be effective.

The employee experience playbook will provide answers to many of these questions, with analysis from Forrester Analytics data and hundreds of interviews with EX leaders, practitioners, and scientists to help put your EX program on a path to success.




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Published on

August 17, 2021