2019 in Review: The LumApps Journey

At the start of this year, LumApps’ CEO, Sébastien Ricard placed emphasis on the importance of creating a stronger and inclusive company culture, which can provide our employees with the tools they need to bring the organization to new horizons.


LumApps Culture

All teams at LumApps are now working together on building a beautiful company culture.”
– Sébastien Ricard

At the start of 2019, LumApps’ CEO Sébastien Ricard placed emphasis on the importance of creating a stronger and inclusive company culture, which can provide our employees with the tools they need to bring the organization to new horizons.


LumApps started by focusing on internal needs:

  • Reinforcing dedicated HR and Communication teams that worked all year long to establish more sustainable processes
  • Initiating a new onboarding process that aims to better integrate each LumAppser from the very beginning
  • Providing new and upgraded office spaces for each location, so everyone can feel like part of a stronger team
  • Forming a Culture Team to bring employees together across borders and encourage a strong sense of belonging and connection to the LumApps brand

All this resulted in a stronger and more engaged workforce that increased by 54% since 2018, to create a stable foundation for the upcoming years.

Best of 2019

After the strong foundation from achievements in 2018, a very successful Series B Funding marked the beginning of 2019 for LumApps. Thanks to IdInvest Partners and the tireless work of the whole team, we raised $24 million and opened the door towards multiple business opportunities for the upcoming year.

Microsoft and LumApps

A highly rewarding moment in May, LumApps was selected as one of only ten European startups to join Microsoft’s Partner eXperience (PAX) program. LumApps’s complete integration with Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Azure allowed Microsoft ‘s partnership to bring various business opportunities throughout the year. And after the recent recruitment of a Top Talent and Microsoft veteran, Alain Bernard as Chief Revenue Officer in EMEA, LumApps was ready to build its brand as a universal solution.


Top 10 for Portal Software

A high-prized acknowledgment from CIO Applications 2019 edition, named LumApps as one of the Top 10 companies providing forefront and disruptive Portal Software Solutions for the Digital Workplace.


Gartner Market Recognition

Less than a year after the launch of our new product Employee Social Advocacy, we are thrilled to be named a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Employee Social Advocacy Tools.


Top 9 Employee Digital Workspaces

Constellation Research, Inc. recognized LumApps for its innovation in knowledge sharing and employee engagement in its ShortList™ – twice! – both in Q1 and Q3 2019.

LumApps Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Employee Digital Workspaces

Partner Certification Program

Another milestone was the successful LumApps Partner Certification Program, helping grow our channels with newly certified partners in 2019, including some team players from Onix and SADA Systems.

LumApps Certification Program

Eventful and Exciting

Do you know how many hours it takes to organize more than 140 events in one year? This year we had the chance to see that for ourselves and trust us, it takes a lot of work. But it’s all worth it because helping hundreds of companies find the road to digital transformation, working closely with trusted partners and connecting with industry experts has never been more gratifying.

Events Total Count in 2019

  • 25 Google Events
  • 6 Microsoft Events
  • 4 Gartner Conferences
  • 5 LumApps User Experience
  • 64 Conferences and Tradeshows
  • 33 Webinars


Google Next 2019

Without a doubt, Google Next 19 in San Francisco was one of the most memorable Google events this year. It was a great honor to be one of the finalists for the Global Technology Partner of the Year. Together with our prized customer Veolia and Colgate-Palmolive, we shared a moment on stage, to discuss their journeys with LumApps intranet. While on another stage for the first time we presented a demo of the new Employee Advocacy tool.

Our team on Day 1, ready to take on three crazy days


Microsoft Future Decoded

Following the worldwide Microsoft – LumApps partnership announcement came the opportunity to present our product to a new Microsoft audience. We rocked the Digital Workplace with a full range of events that Inspire, Ignite, Envision and present the Future Decoded all over the world.


Gartner Conferences

Being a part of Gartner’s environment gave us the opportunity to exchange and network with some of the market leaders providing solutions for Internal communications, IT and Employee Experience. We attended Gartner’s Digital Workplace Summit both in Orlando and London, traveled all the way to Tokyo for an IT Symposium Xpo and came back to Orlando for Gartner’s Reimagine HR Summit.


Top 10 LumApps Features of 2019

And what better way to crystallize our company’s success and product growth in 2019, than to offer the fruits of our partnerships and dedicated work:



We want to express our sincerest gratitude to all our customers, partners, investors and most of all, the team working tirelessly every day to provide the best solution you all deserve!

Happy New Year!


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


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Published on

January 6, 2020