LumApps Social Intranet is your Jive alternative

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The perfect mix, a Social and Corporate intranet

LumApps is a true social and corporate intranet, allowing efficient top-down communication and harnessing the power of social discussions.
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Clear and rich product enhancements roadmap

LumApps is a healthy growing company that is fully committed to deliver regular value-added upgrades to its customers.
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Large scale Jive’s migration expertise

LumApps has already performed several Jive’s migration projects, including a large-scale project for 90,000 users in less than 3 months.

A social and corporate intranet

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A corporate portal for top-down communication

Make your communication relevant to each employee

News are displayed based on employee profile (such as location, business unit or function)

Make your communication interactive

Allow employees to give feedback – like, comment, participate in surveys

Make your communication appealing

Leverage beautiful templates and include rich content (videos, documents previews, pictures…)

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A social network for peer-to-peer discussions

Empower your employees to participate in the global enterprise by creating their own content in dedicated communities:
Post updates

Ask and answer questions

Propose and vote for ideas

Empower your employees to build their network:
Update their profile and status

Follow people, communities or interests

Modern and engaging user experience


With LumApps, it’s easy to customize your platform, so you can quickly create an engaging website that fits your corporate identity.

LumApps offers a modern and intuitive user experience for a quick and wide adoption, even by those who are unfamiliar with digital tools.

LumApps is accessible on any device via the responsive design version or the iOS and Android apps.

LumApps streamlines the creation of content versions in different languages so that you can engage employees in their preferred language.

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Lumapps Upgrades

Easy to set up, easy to maintain & easy to use


LumApps is a native cloud solution for fast deployment, smooth and regular upgrades.

LumApps can be administered by non-IT people with an average of 2 days training.

LumApps flexible architecture can easily be adapted to your organization.

Productivity and Collaboration


No need to buy an add-on for each app you want to connect.

LumApps is natively integrated with your productivity and collaboration suite.

Office 365

LumApps is natively integrated with Azure Active Directory for single sign-on, with Outlook for mail and calendar, and with SharePoint for document management.

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G Suite

LumApps is the only recommended intranet for G Suite with a native integration to all Google apps (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Groups, Hangouts).

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Our migration expertise

Robust methodology

Our robust and proven methodology has secured a large-scale migration project for 90,000 users in less than 3 months.

Automated migration tools

Analyze your existing Jive content to identify the migration scope
Migrate your Jive content based on the rules you defined

Experienced team

LumApps team that will support you include senior consultants and project managers (including former Jive’s employees) and a dedicated technical team.

Customer success and support

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Customer Support

We have a dedicated team able to support you anytime.

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Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is there to help you take full advantages of LumApps!

Jive Migration White Paper

Trying to figure out how to achieve Jive migration  ?

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