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Jive just doesn’t jive with the modern enterprise. LumApps is the industry-leading intranet solution designed from the ground up to transform your organization and accelerate your business.

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Jive was once the leading platform for the “social intranet,” but a lot has changed since 2001. Since Jive’s acquisition by Aurea in 2017, many of the company’s customers are looking for the exits as customer and product support falter. 

LumApps believes that businesses deserve a digital workplace partner that is built for the modern enterprise — integrated, open, intuitive and ready to deliver great employee experiences from day one.

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The world’s most recognized brands have selected LumApps as their post-Jive transformation partner.

LumApps combines a proven Jive Migration Tool with relevant expertise and support to deliver a reimagined experience that employees expect from next-generation technology. 

LumApps’  open, best-in-class platform natively integrates with the technology stack of your choosing, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, MS Teams, Slack and many more.

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You’ve Come to the right place… We Speak Jive!

We know your current Jive solution isn’t meeting the needs and expectations of your business. The thought of a migration, the move, the content, potential organizational change activities – all spark trepidation.

You may ask yourself:

  • How will we move our content?
  • Will our content look the same or similar?
  • Do we have the experts or resources to move?
  • Is a move worth the potential upcharges to stay with our existing vendor?

We hear this a lot, which is why our dedicated practice of former Jivers was formed.


The Jive to LumApps Migration Program

The only large-scale proven migration program

LumApps offers the best Jive migration experience on the market today, helping even the largest enterprises maintain operations and productivity. LumApps’ dedicated team of Jive experts stand ready to help make the most of your technical stack investment.


We are The #1 Jive Migration Solution

The most successful Jive migrations in the industry

Our deep understanding of Jive, LumApps and digital workplace technology will provide a clear path into the next decade. As a steady business transformation partner, LumApps will craft a program strategy and migration plan that supports your success from launch and beyond.

We Don’t Make Empty Promises
We Deliver On a Defined Roadmap and Innovations (And We’re Just Getting Started)

  • Six week product delivery cycles with utility rich features
  • Laser focus on client business goals
  • Transparent pricing and plans
  • Industry experts ready to partner on any digital experience journey
  • Modern solutions that aren’t hampered by technical debt and latency
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