Bring Real-Time Communication to Your Intranet

Improve your Employee Communication Platform with real-time chat capabilities! Combine the best of both worlds with LumApps, the leading intranet platform recognized by Forrester, and Slack, the popular chat platform with over 10 million users.

Combine LumApps and Slack to cover all your communication and collaboration needs, from top-down communication and team collaboration, to one-to-one messaging.

Answer Employees’ Questions

Enable employees to ask their questions and get immediate answers!

Collect Instant Employee Feedback

Build a bridge with your employee base and break down silos by combining LumApps and Slack in a Virtual Town Hall.

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Support Employees

Add Slack chat on any of your LumApps pages and bring real-time support to your employees. It will be a perfect addition to your HR or IT Portal.

Encourage Collaboration and Networking

Collaborate with Your Team

LumApps integrates with Slack to enhance team collaboration inside LumApps communities, making it easy and intuitive to work on projects. You can associate a LumApps community with a Slack channel, that can be displayed as a chat window overlay.

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Start a Conversation

Encourage employees to start a conversation with their coworkers! A Slack private discussion can be launched in just one click from any employee profile.

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