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What is Google Currents?

Introduced in 2019 as a replacement for Google+ for G Suite, Google positioned it as both an enterprise communication tool and a social network. Currents covered a wide range of use cases, such as: leadership corner, company or regional communications, knowledge sharing, company culture and campaigns (social initiatives), etc.

However, it was recently announced that Google Currents will be shutting down, and moving over to Google Spaces.

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What are LumApps Communities?

LumApps Community - Google Currents Alternative with LumApps

Built for All

Easy to use posts require no training so that all employees can begin sharing on Day 1

  • Communities cover a wide range of use cases such as support hub, leadership corner, department or regional spaces, knowledge centers, etc.
  • Communities offer advanced capabilities, such as rich content creation experience and video, integration with collaborative suites, and moderation capabilities, and are easy to use promoting sharing for all employees on Day 1

Sales Community - Google Currents Alternative with LumApps

Empowering Teams

Share expertise and knowledge, and work collaboratively through rich posts that support video

  • Articles are rich content members can create to engage and share any kind of experiences (how to, feedback…) to each other
  • Events let community managers or members organize internal events and add attendees
  • Videos can be easily created and added to share information or knowledge in a different format

Autonomous Administration

Communities can be public or private, and are fully managed spaces with posts, files, videos, navigation, and content (articles, pages, etc.) without any need for IT

  • In only a few clicks managers can link critical resources to communities, making sure their teams always have what they need
  • Each community has its own navigation, integrations, and rich media, a wholistic team space
  • Managers can control membership, privacy, and notifications easily, ensuring the right members are always up to date

Community Admin - Google Currents Alternative with LumApps

Chicago Community - Google Currents Alternative with LumApps

Deeply Connected

Connect Documents, Calendars and other business tools, alleviating digital friction

  • Shared Calendar – fosters team collaboration and easy event planning and coordination
  • Shared Drive – ensures all team resources are centralized in one place, improving productivity
  • Ticketing and Chat widgets – use other tools without having to leave LumApps communities, and extend the reach of your community posts

How could I use LumApps Communities?

IT Community - Google Currents Alternative with LumApps

IT Help & Support

LumApps communities can aid in incident deflection and reduce call volumes to IT.

  • Showcase knowledge articles and FAQs on the most common support cases.
  • Highlight videos and training assets to aid employees adoption of new technology, new tools, business applications.
  • Go further by allowing for peer-to-peer support, and internal support to troubleshoot, resolve and curate an evolving knowledge base and FAQs.

Company Initiatives

Use LumApps communities to create a welcoming environment for all employees. LumApps raises the awareness, function, and productivity of your company initiatives through easy to use posts, which can be highlighted across LumApps.

  • Highlight your employee resource groups across the entire company. Promote different posts on your homepage every week.
  • Create Open Communities – allowing anyone and everyone to read, comment, and engage.
  • Connect your communities to shared calendar and drive, easily planning upcoming events.

Inclusion Community - Google Currents Alternative with LumApps

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