The Future of Communications 2020

LumApps is proud to sponsor The Future of Communications, a two day virtual event with Ragan.

What does the future of communications hold? Join us on Nov. 10-11 to answer that critical question and learn about the most important trends, tools and best practices to include in your upcoming playbook.

No matter your position, organization or industry, this is the communications event you must attend before the close of 2020. As communicators navigate historical crises, you’ve also had to adjust to virtual opportunities and content, communicating with and engaging remote employees, understanding changing consumer behaviors, applying creativity and compassion to business metrics and decisions, and much more. Now, you can survey the landscape to see what’s next and plan accordingly.



Attend The Future of Communications on Nov. 10-11 to learn from leading PR, social media, marketing and employee communications pros how to build a solid foundation and employ sound strategies for the near and long-term future, along with ways to boost your brand, build trust, create meaning, respond to crisis and harness the power of insights and technology.

Thriving in 2021 and beyond will require you to always be two steps ahead. Attend from the comfort of your home and invite your team to partake in the industry’s most-anticipated conference that looks to the future while taking stock of how far we’ve come.