Employees on Computers - Hybrid work


Hybrid Workforce Conference

Engaged – Productive – Connected

June 8 | Cavendish Conference Centre, London

The Hybrid Workforce Conference aims at discussing hybrid work best practices to help its attendees develop more inclusive and flexible cultures. Optimise hybrid working for maximum connectivity, engagement and productivity. Increase creativity and encourage face-to-face collaboration. Equip managers to effectively support wellbeing and motivate teams. Celebrate success and provide equal development opportunities, no matter where employees and colleagues are based.



Come and watch our talk on Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration!

Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration in the New Hybrid Environment. 

Wednesday, June 8 – 10:20 am (GET)

In the office or at home, the constant shifts and back-and-forths require a strategic and purposeful approach – how can we formalize knowledge and present it at scale in the environment? And how do we construct a coherent employee experience such an environment?

Join us to learn:

  • The benefits & impact of a successful hybrid employee experience
  • How we secure employee commitment and discretionary effort
  • How we establish a supportive work environment
  • How we build trust and enable individual initiatives


Meet the team

Dan Brayshaw

Sales Director, Northern Europe


Seán McMahon

Senior Employee Experience Advisor