Welding Alloys Fast-tracks Its Digital Transformation


Welding Alloys is the go-to provider of advanced welding consumables, automated equipment for wear protection, and engineered wear solutions. Welding Alloys’ unique experience is drawn from more than 50 years of commitment to research and development of specialized products and solutions. The group covers more than 150 countries and territories throughout a network of over 28 subsidiaries and with more than over 1,000 employees and specialists in different disciplines.

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Bringing over 50 years of Tradition into a
21st Century Digital Workplace

Connect Everyone Everywhere

With almost half of its workforce on the shop floor, the first objective was to connect everyone to achieve the “One Welding Alloys” vision. Before LumApps, corporate communications were unable to effectively reach all employees (emails and boards). Leveraging LumApps and Google Cloud Identity, Welding Alloys can now bring together every employee in the Group and make sure all employees are kept up to date with the latest news and company announcements.

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Foster Knowledge Sharing, Safety and Innovation

Using Google Workspace for more than one year, Welding Alloys realized that they needed a solution that guides employees to the most up-to-date documents, in addition to Google Drive. LumApps is the place where reference information is published and where employees can ask, share and exchange best practices. Sharing knowledge is business-critical for Welding Alloys to encourage the collaboration by sharing of ideas, case studies and news and increase work efficiently across the company.

A Fast-tracked Project

With LumApps Foundations rapid deployment package, Welding Alloys teams were trained and supported in the platform design and the deployment of 2 use cases in just 4 weeks. Leveraging self-service training and documentation resources, Welding Alloys were able to tailor the pre-built templates to their needs on their own, adding several additional use cases.

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LumApps has provided Welding Alloys Group with a solution that not only has had an instant impact on the company. But a solution which will grow and change the way we communicate for years to come.

David Marshall, Marketing Manager
Welding Alloys

LumApps has provided an easy-to-use platform in which to connect all of our employees and improve our communication globally. The communities are particularly beneficial in facilitating the exchange of information and ideas amongst our technical experts and sales staff located in different parts of the world.

Lauren Calvert, Group Marketing Manager
Welding Alloys

SparkNet: Sparkling Communication and Innovation

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications now quickly reach all employees and are accessible on mobile. Departments that normally don’t communicate are now publishing news and executive comms are more frequent, which helps clarify the “One Welding Alloys” vision and driving alignment.

Department Hubs

Department pages gather news, key resources, documents and contact information. They help employees get a good understanding of each department and find the information they need, reducing the burden on the teams to send over documents and emails, and using Google Drive to share information straight through LumApps.


Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are dedicated spaces where teams of HR, IT… professionals can share ideas, best practices, reference documents helping collaboration across locations and between Corporate and Local functions. 

Health & Safety

The health & safety of its employees is the number one priority for Welding Alloys. The Health & Safety Hub gathers all the related documents and resources. H&S alerts are regularly posted so that employees are immediately notified if there is an important announcement.


Using an iFrame integration, Welding Alloys were able to integrate their e-learning module in LumApps.



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