Publicis Sapient: How to Deliver a Cutting-Edge Employee Experience

Publicis Sapient is the digital transformation and consulting arm of Publicis Groupe. For three decades, they’ve leveraged the disruptive power of technology to enable business success for top brands such as Walmart, Nestle and Audi. Publicis Sapient consistently delivers value for clients and shareholders, posting a 27 percent U.S. growth increase in the first half of 2021.

Publicis Sapient has 53 offices worldwide with more than 20,000 employees. They’ve cultivated partnerships with the likes of Microsoft, Adobe and Google Cloud. In the highly competitive world of enterprise consultancies, Publicis Sapient relies on its superior experience and a startup mindset to delight customers and improve operational efficiency.


+10 000 employees

Digital Consulting

Internal Communications


Why LumApps

Publicis Sapient’s legacy intranet on the Jive platform had become unwieldy. Outdated and irrelevant content clogged search results.

It was difficult for employees to find information, stifling important culture, communication and collaboration initiatives. They sought an employee experience partner with extensive Jive expertise. LumApps was the ideal choice to handle such a complex navigation and to help Publicis Sapient execute their communication strategy. Publicis Sapient is no stranger to massive undertakings and large-scale problems. The migration from Jive was a unique challenge. The process involved an extensive content audit, planning and troubleshooting.

The Publicis Sapient team, alongside LumApps implementation specialists, completed a 4-month migration process.

  • Transitioned from a 10-year old site with 200,000 pieces of content
  • A full content audit and cleanup, focused on the last three years of content and other important items
  • Migrated 50,000 pieces of content and mapped metadata to optimize content organization and findability
  • Minimal interruption to day-to-day work, employees had read-only ability of the old platform until launch

VOX Publicis Sapient

Key Use Cases

Publicis Sapient named it’s intranet, Vox, which means “voice of the people” in Latin. Vox is the place for employees to connect. Employees contribute to communities, share expertise through knowledge base articles and more.
In addition to company news and policies, use cases include knowledge base content, communities, and one-click access to company tools.

Share company news and culture initiatives


Share ways of working and client updates


Collaborate around capabilities – strategy, consulting, product, experience and engineering


Promote the company purpose and core values


Access policies and procedures

Key Benefits

DialoguePowerful communication improvements
Publicis Sapient streamlined communication abilities with the new Vox powered by LumApps. Internal communication teams now have stronger storytelling abilities. They are able to deliver targeted news and surface relevant content through widgets and metadata. This new capability addressed the long standing issue of cluttered, irrelevant search results.
Another communication game changer is the introduction of a formalized editorial cycle. Content now has a start and end date to maintain relevance and timeliness. The content lifecycle management feature is an attribute that keeps the library of content up-to date, organized and useful. Reminders are sent to contributors and content editors when a piece of content approaches its end date. Then, they can either make adjustments to keep this piece of content in an updated state or archive it. This helps maintain the site fresh, healthy and current while also improving search results. Lastly, Vox content is elevating culture through brand consistency, employee stories, social responsibility and diversity initiatives.

“We’ve definitely been able to streamline communications with the powerful features of the platform, and what’s been very helpful is LumApps provides those stronger storytelling capabilities through news article content types, which we did not have previously on Jive.”

– Kevin Swallow – Product Manager at Publicis Sapient

People twoEnhanced collaboration
The Publicis Sapient team created a system so everyone can engage and participate while making sure content is managed effectively.
Every employee has the option for one-click creation of knowledge base articles and community posts. A small group of core content authors curate official content and news. They get oriented to the platform through LumApps video training. Authors share tips and answer questions during weekly office-hour sessions aptly called, “Virtual donuts with Vox.” Content templates within Vox also enhance team collaboration.

“The templates create that consistent look and feel of pages throughout the site. But it also makes it much easier for our content authors to publish. They don’t need to think about page layouts and get stuck on playing around with the technology. They can focus on the content.”

-Kevin Swallow – Product Manager at Publicis Sapients


Vox 3

Key Results


Page views and counting


Average weekly page views


Average weekly users


Average weekly contributors

Publicis Sapient is building on their success with LumApps. The next step is ramping up hundreds of community managers to build community engagement. Several other enhancements are underway:

  • Consolidate resource hubs by migrating all policy content from a legacy SharePoint site
  • Integrate Vox with other systems used by Publicis Groupe

Additionally, upcoming LumApps features such as global search and promoted search results will further enhance knowledge sharing and the user experience.