Kiloutou’s Portal Enables Employees to Find Information and Work Together

To increase internal adoption and employee engagement, Kiloutou wanted to improve access to corporate content from any location or device.

About Kiloutou

Kiloutou is a major equipment rental company in France. With 430 agencies, Kiloutou provides all kinds of machinery, equipment, and tools to construction contractors, industry buyers, and individual consumers.


3 000 - 10 000 employees

Business & Consumer Services


The Challenge

Over the last ten years, Kiloutou has been focused on increasing employee engagement and access to business applications, reporting tools, and corporate content. A first step was migrating to G Suite, which enabled employees to share documents, sites, and resources. Kiloutou started to adopt a collaborative culture. The executive team wanted to continue the momentum, but ensure that information and communications were organized within a centralized portal.

Kiloutou’s needs were very straightforward for the new solution:

  • Reduce emails:
    streamline communications and onboarding
  • Socialize:
    engage with up-to-date and contextual content
  • Integrate:
    connect business applications and encourage collaborative workspaces
  • Increase efficiency:
    boost productivity between employees across locations

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Why LumApps?

Kiloutou wanted a personalized solution that made it straightforward for employees to access tools and business apps, simple to search and find information, and easy to have a personalized experience. LumApps checked all the boxes.


With their new intranet, named MyD.Klik, Kiloutou established a single platform to centralize content with flexible administration and a beautiful design. MyD.Klik answers employee needs by providing:


Easy access to content and corporate information


Personalized and relevant communications


Advanced and powerful search

LumApps has, of course, enabled us to manage our corporate communications, but overall we have provided a personalized space for each collaborator. Every co-worker has his own page where he can subscribe to activity reporting, find his favorite business applications, and get an overview of his Gmail and Calendar.

As the improvement of information accessibility was a priority, we had to think “mobility.” Providing a responsive solution has added value for people on-the-go who are now able to work on tablets.

Laurence Rouault, Project Manager

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