EllisDon Constructs a Modern Digital Workplace With LumApps

EllisDonc LumApps Customer Story

About EllisDon

EllisDon is a world-leading construction and building services company that completes in excess of $5 billion worth of building and service contracts annually in every sector and across the globe. Over the last 69 years, EllisDon has grown from being a general contractor to a multi- faceted company that can deliver any aspect of a project.

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3 000 - 10 000 employees



Internal Communications


EllisDon is made up of 3,000 employees across 12 offices. As a fully employee-owned company, EllisDon holds fast to its legacy principles of being transparent, mutually accountable and enthusiastically entrepreneurial as well as giving employees freedom.

The Challenge

EllisDonc LumApps Customer Story

With growth and expansion comes complexity. Over the past decade, EllisDon faced challenges common to many growing organizations. Specifically, it needed a way to drive alignment, communication and knowledge-sharing across the company without distracting employees since more than half of its workforce is in the field.

LumApps was selected as the company’s intranet provider for its unique ability to transform EllisDon’s means of communicating, collaborating, knowledge-sharing and fostering employee engagement from the office to the field.



Named EDPORTAL, the newly-launched EllisDon intranet is a stark breakthrough in providing a great employee experience. No longer are frontline employees disconnected from the office. Droll pages with lists – still common at many top enterprises – are replaced with a consumer-grade experience, allowing employees to quickly contribute content and have conversations while finding the information needed to get work done.

Key Use Cases

Lessons Learned and Knowledge Sharing

With its Lessons Learned Community, EllisDon offers employees a gateway to share important lessons learned and grow within their area of practice. These span market sectors, success stories, mistakes (they happen), and guidance around best practices to ensure knowledge becomes a living accelerant of the company’s success.

Crisis Response

As the COVID-19 outbreak emerged and pandemic restrictions intensified, EllisDon used LumApps to share frequent, team-relevant updates in real-time to avoid work disruption, provide information on safety procedures and combat employee anxiety, burnout and uncertainty. Guided by its values, EllisDon turned a crisis into an opportunity to deepen employee loyalty.

Community and Connection

Employees increasingly expect companies to provide networks to connect, communicate and engage with peers across interest or practice. The EDPORTAL provides the ability for new hires and seasoned employees to connect, share and ask questions important to their location, role, speciality or practice. This pro-social mindset reinforces the company’s founding principles.

Strategic Alignment and Engagement

The EDPORTAL provides Executive Portal messages from key leaders across the business. Supplementing company-wide emails, the Executive Portal Messages help keep employees apprised of news, strategy updates, and future/current concerns in a way that deepens transparency, dialogue and trust.