LumApps Recognized as a Leader in Two Independent Analyst Research Reports

LumApps has been recognized as a Leader in analyst research by two of the leading independent research firms – The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, Q1 2022, and The IDC MarketScape: Content Management Systems for Authenticated Digital Workspaces 2021.*

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LumApps is the only modern intranet platform and digital workspace solution to be named a leader in both reports. We believe this designation from the leading independent research firms solidifies differentiated capabilities in the market.

Over the past few years, the industry has shifted. The importance of intranets, content management systems, and employee experience platforms has increased, particularly with the shift to remote and hybrid work. As employees get accustomed to remote and hybrid work schedules – Comms, HR, IT and business leaders must ensure their employees have the resources and information to be productive and engaged.

These two reports discuss technology as it relates to various sectors, and dive into current capabilities as well as assess each vendor’s roadmap and vision.

Let’s explore five themes found throughout each of the reports:

  1. Investment in Employee Experience (EEX) technologies continues to grow
  2. EEX technologies can help employees do their jobs better
  3. LumApps tightly integrates with both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  4. LumApps current product strengths include content templating capabilities, and flexibility of user interfaces…
  5. LumApps is a leader in both reports on multiple criteria

1. Investment in EEX technologies continues to grow

As intranets continue to evolve, vendors are investing more into building technology solutions. At the same time, enterprise firms are spending more on platforms as opposed to homegrown non-scalable solutions.

The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, Q1 2022: “Since The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, Q2 2020, customer demand has decidedly shifted away from ’build’ to ‘buy.’

Forrester also noted that intranet platform satisfaction continues to rise. 75% of users reported satisfaction in 2021 compared to 66% in 2019. Higher satisfaction is helping intranet customers get a return on their investment.

In the IDC MarketScape report analyst Marci Maddox notes, “For buyers with a cloud-first strategy, CMS applications should provide a solid return on investment that benefits from cloud elasticity and scaled performance that align with business goals.”

The pandemic changed the nature of work, despite some companies going forward with full time return-to-office plans – remote and hybrid work is here to say. Expect investment and development of employee experience technology to continue gaining momentum.

2. EEX technologies can help employees do their jobs better

The connection between employee experience technology and productivity is becoming more direct. Solutions such as LumApps empower employees through collaboration and communication features. This includes challenges such as reducing productivity-killing context switching. LumApps enables this through deep integrations, customization and global search, employees stay in the flow of work without searching multiple platforms or switching between communication tools.

“The modern digital workspace is an ecosystem of connected communications, business tasks, or activities. Rather than forcing people to move off their favorite app, the modern digital workspace will connect to it,” Marci Maddox, Research Director at IDC, noted in the IDC MarketScape report.

Employees demand better tools to find and use knowledge when face-to-face work isn’t possible.

3. LumApps tightly integrates with both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Another area where employee experience technology helps employees be productive is integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Supporting both environments is a key LumApps strength.

Forrester: “Consider LumApps for large deployments that include multilingual or mobile workers, when both Microsoft and Google ecosystems are important…”

According to the IDC MarketScape, “LumApps is one of the few vendors in this evaluation that tightly integrates with both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, offering a transparency of work to all employees with proper security handling and content permissions.”

LumApps offers an expansive integration with Google Workspace, including connections with Google Drive, Google Analytics and Google Cloud Search.

Learn more about the LumApps’ integration with Google.

On the Microsoft side, LumApps integrates with Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and more.

More details on LumApps. Microsoft integration.

4. LumApps product strengths include content templating capabilities, and flexibility of user interfaces…

Enterprises use LumApps to build interactive, and customized experiences based on employee needs and organizational structure. To do this, they must have design capabilities that go far beyond adding a logo.

The IDC MarketScape notes in the strengths section that, “LumApps sites embrace a widget-based design (charts, chat, email, images, and data visualization) that can be saved into templates and used to clone new sites. Users can create new metadata and hashtags (such as Twitter) without administrative oversight.”

Forrester: Current product strengths include its content templating capabilities, flexibility of user interfaces, and overall repository services.

Not only do enterprises maintain and promote their brand image, they’re able to build an intranet experience that includes powerful integrations, creative workflow solutions and an internal platform that supports real-time or evergreen collaboration and communication.

5. LumApps is a leader in both reports based on multiple criteria

According to Josh Bersin, the employee experience market is here to stay. One of the many reason why is because “ HR departments have organized themselves into service
delivery teams, but need tools to manage the flood of employee interactions.

The LumApps roadmap is positioned to help HR teams not only manage employee interactions, but harness the data in an innovative way. This being brought to life with features such as the data lake, LumApps Play and developing technology around employee journeys.

According to the IDC MarketScape, in the strengths section regarding product vision: “LumApps envisions the employee experience to be one that is personalized, immersive, local, data driven, and mobile, taking a different approach to empower journey orchestration and a new role for corporate communications, HR, and learning teams to act as campaign managers, with prescriptive workflows and personalized content at each step using audience segments for dynamic targeting.”

Forrester: LumApps has a strong vision for employee experiences driven by journeys and insights. LumApps’ vision for the intranet market goes beyond classic content and communication; it views its platform as an essential component of a digital EX.

Download the Forrester report Download the IDC report

*Vendor Assessment (Doc # US47412921, September 2021)


Mary Kaplan
Product Marketing Manager


Employee Engagement Employee Experience Technology & Innovation

Published on

June 7, 2022