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Aside from regular announcements, internal communication managers often need to relay strategic initiatives and programs launched in their companies. This requires defining the appropriate editorial strategy and being able to engage all employees so that they are informed and enabled on these key programs.

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Internal Communication Plan for Companies

As noted by Gallagher in their “State of the (internal communications) Sector 2021” report, culture change tops the list of these change programs, with employers revamping their values and behaviors or organizations pivoting their vision and strategy, in order to execute on these new changes.

  • 43% of respondents to the Gallagher survey said they had a culture change (values, behaviors and leadership styles) program planned, and
  • 40% had a process or procedure change (such as introducing a new workflow or new ways of working) planned.


Reach Employees on Preferred Communication Channels

Relying on the company’s internal communication platform to broadcast key messages is a no-brainer. Leveraging preferred communication and collaboration channels maximizes the reach and impact of key messages, and takes employee experience to the next level by ensuring employees are treated equally and feel included.

The LumApps Employee Experience Platform includes 50+ connectors and micro-apps to third-party business applications and tools, some of which can be leveraged by communicators to guarantee their strategic messages reach all employees, and thus achieve their goals.

Let’s have a look at some of them.


Out-of-the-Box Connectors with Communication Tools and Channels

As part of LumApps’ native integrations with collaborative suites, our customers and their internal communications departments leverage Microsoft Teams to disseminate information and knowledge from LumApps (articles, news, posts…) to the appropriate Teams channels at the appropriate place (ex: HR portal, IT support…), thus guaranteeing employees are informed via their preferred channels. These top-down communication capabilities can be complemented with a bottom-up approach, by having Teams content shared inside of LumApps – and accessible via the platform’s native search.



As some companies prefer Slack to Teams, LumApps provides similar capabilities with Slack. Critical info exchanged in Slack can be shared into a LumApps community for example. Communicators can also relay top-down key messages on the appropriate Slack channels that are displayed in a community of interest or of practice. And as LumApps is designed in terms of navigation (contrary to Slack’s ungoverned DNA), it’s easy to find the right channel to address the appropriate group(s) an internal communications manager may want to target. With the Slack connectors, IT, HR or any departmental in the LumApps platform can be extended with live chat capabilities. Same for town halls pages, where communicators can answer employees’ questions immediately.


Speaking about town halls and other team meetings, the virtual ones can be accessed directly in LumApps. Regardless of the employee’s location, the dedicated Zoom integration will provide access and contextual information in the LumApps page (such as agenda, speakers, link to presentation, survey and more). Enabling employees to ask questions and have real-time discussions via the Zoom chat panel increases engagement when key announcements are made.



Enhanced Visual Appeal

Business objectives, recruitment plans, competition overview, reorganization and organization charts… Some key messages feature a lot of data or charts. A picture is worth a thousand words and such messages will be better assimilated if displayed via design-rendered visuals. Awesome Table instantly transforms spreadsheet data into impactful visuals thanks to embedded templates that don’t require graphic design skills. The Awesome Table connector enables communicators to include those beautifully rendered charts into the targeted LumApps pages.

Employees are not always in front of their desktop or checking their mobile app. In large companies, they go from one building to another or they work in warehouses and plants. Internal communications departments leverage digital screens to broadcast key information, local internal events, new hires, job offers, security procedures, and more. 39% of companies surveyed by Gallagher use digital signage, with enterprise-level organizations favoring this medium (59%) compared to SMBs. The LumApps integration with DynamicScreen, a leading digital-signage online solution, allows communicators to control all types of screens remotely and distribute selected LumApps platform content in the company’s facilities, making sure they reach all employees, even the deskless workforce.


Engaging People Around Purpose, Strategy and Values

As noted by Gallagher, “Engaging people around purpose, strategy and values remains the number-one priority for more than half of the world’s organizations”.

Leveraging the above-mentioned connectors and micro-apps on their LumApps platform enables internal communications departments to make sure every single employee, at the office, on the go or deskless, is fully aware of strategic news and feel connected to the company.

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Thierry Moncoutié
Senior Product Marketing Manager


Digital Workplace Employee Engagement Internal Communications Technology & Innovation

Published on

February 14, 2022