Octave Octave / Angie

Octave Octave is the French leader in building and integrating digital solutions for communications management. They have chosen LumApps: the digital workplace that guarantees the interoperability of internal communication and collaboration applications. Belonging to the Angie Group, a recognized specialist in internal communication and engagement, Octave Octave benefits from its consultants in UX, UI, tech, change and content.

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Partnering with LumApps

LumApps and Octave Octave (Angie Group) share the conviction that it is essential to move from internal communication to engagement communication that articulates information, dialogue and mobilization. Our partnership allows us to provide a complete solution to companies that want an integrated digital workplace: needs analysis, recommendations on information, social activation, advocacy and collaboration policies, UX and UI, configuration and adoption support.


Consulting, Social média, Editorial content, Data, UX/UI design.


  • 160 employees
  • Country
  • Languages
    French, English
  • Industry
    Corporate Communication