Gènes Diffusion Leads Employees in its Digital Transformation

Thanks to its new LumApps intranet launched in 2017, many of Gènes Diffusion’s employees who work remotely are now better informed, equipped, and engaged in corporate communication.

About Gènes Diffusion

Operating in the agricultural industry for over 70 years, Gènes Diffusion is a cooperative company specialized in breeding and animal insemination. The company is located in several French regions and territories, including North, East and West.

Gènes Diffusion

3 000 - 10 000 employees



The Challenge

Gènes Diffusion was suffering from an overload of email communication and from limited knowledge sharing. They did not have an intranet or GED software, and wanted to migrate from its classic IT environment. Thus, it was looking for an internal communication tool that was modern and flexible enough to adapt to each user type.

Why LumApps?

After choosing to implement G Suite, Gènes Diffusion also selected LumApps for its complete integration with the Google environment. In addition, LumApps promised to perfect the Google ecosystem, increase efficiency, and save time, thanks to its intuitive interface.


The new Gènes Diffusion platform was designed to provide unique access to all resources: corporate information, G Suite applications, business tools, etc.

One single common platform:


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Top-down corporate communication and bottom-up communication


Dedicated pages and spaces for teams according to their business units


Communities to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and employee feedback


Mobility with business applications available in the field via smartphones and tablets

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