The Employee Experience Platform for Human Resources

LumApps enables teams to develop strong cultures and share knowledge across communities – contributing to smarter, more efficient, and better-connected workforces around the world.

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Benefits for Human Resources

Create an inviting and easy-to-use HR digital platform, accessible to all employees.

Attract Top Talent

Onboard Employees

Connect Everyone

Engage Employees

Share job offers externally and promote internal mobility across locations. Bring in the best talent to support your organization and retain them by engaging employees with quality content and the information they need to perform their work at the highest level.

Bring new employees up to speed faster with learning tools and company materials designed with onboarding in mind. Promote company culture by introducing team communities and channels to connect with mentors. Provide employees with a single hub to connect with each other and with the company culture.

Engage employees across locations and include frontline workers using LumApps Mobile Apps. Encourage employee networking and bonding with social communities. Open channels for informal communication around shared interests, hobbies, and more with like-minded colleagues.

Encourage knowledge sharing by implementing HR best practices on multiple devices. LumApps cuts down on information overload and makes sure that the right information reaches the right people, at the right time without overwhelming employees with information they don’t need.

Use Cases

Use Cases for Human Resources

HR Portal

An efficient HR communication is crucial to create a strong corporate…



Frequent and effective news communication is key to inform and align…

HR, Internal Comms.

Onboarding Center

Help new employees hit the ground running with onboarding resources…


LumApps Townhall
Town Hall

Build a Virtual Town Hall to share event information and content,…



Make sure that your employees never miss key news by sending them a…

HR, Internal Comms.


Features for HR

  • Customizable Design: extensive branding capabilities
  • Mobile Applications: connect everyone everywhere
  • Targeted Communications: relevant content
  • Multilingual Communications: 30+ languages available
  • Simple News Creation: WYSIWYG and templates
  • Surveys: receive employee feedback in real-time
  • Social Features: drive adoption and engagement
  • Employee Directory: search for expertise
  • Communities: engage employees with social communities
  • Collaborative Suite: integration with Office 365 and G Suite
  • Employee Advocacy: enable external social media sharing
  • Global Search: search and find what you need across news, documents, and communities
  • Analytics: measure engagement and adoption

Intranet Software for HR FAQs

The corporate intranet is a critical tool for Human Resources teams to communicate official information, as well as promote company culture and values from within. It allows employees to communicate with the HR department and access the most important information at the right time.

An effective intranet platform allows employees to access the right information anytime, no matter their location or function. It’s a centralized place for all knowledge and communication that encourages conversation between employees and across departments.

  • Select the right tools depending on the organization’s needs
  • Communicate on a regular schedule
  • Availability – be prepared to answer questions and respond to communications in a timely manner
  • Allow employees to engage with and respond to communications
  • Encourage collaboration from any location
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