Wedocom is an internal communication consulting firm, specialized in the adoption of social and digital networking platforms. Our services range from intranet supervision to social network implementation to internal communication strategy.

Our creative team works closely with our clients to design a user interface that fosters member engagement and supports the company’s objectives.

Partnering with LumApps

Our partnership was born from a common vision of internal communication.
This digital workplace connects not only employees equipped with computers, but above all field employees who were previously cut off from digital information. The intuitive ergonomics, the design possibilities and the power of the functionalities make this platform adaptable to all our customers’ strategies. The constantly evolving editor ensures that we have a solution at the cutting edge of technology.

LumApps Certifications

Design, Project Management, Sales, Development.



Deployment, Design, Application Development, Data Analysis, Change Management, Internal Communication Strategy.


Wedocom Website

  • 15 employees
  • Countries
    France, Spain
  • Languages
    French, English, Spanish, Italian
  • Industry
    Internal Communication
  • Tools and integrations
    Site templates, HRIS Connectors, Video Widget